Aiyani (eye-YAWN-ee) Mersai (mer-SEYE, not mer-SAY)

Born a month late, Aiyani made her debut as an Aries, little sister, second daughter, grand daughter, niece, cousin etc–a bigger deal. It also left room for an instant personality trait of “i’ll get there when I get there” hence forth not obeying time as we know it. Granted if she needs to clock in to work by a certain time, she will do her best because after all “they” ARE paying her to be there. So I guess if you want her to show up time, you’ll have to pay her…no that’s not fair.  She actually cares for her time, and respects yours, shows up for work on time (unless the train holds her up) arrives at auditions early, and is ONLY late to BBQ’s due to The Rice not being finished.  And you WANT THAT RICE.

Aiyani wanted to be on TV at a young age, but her mother said she had to wait to finish high school. Waiting was not easy, but eventually worth it. Worth the childhood, the track meets and dance company overnighters. Worth the birthday parties she got to go to, including the ones at the skating rink, and in the end of course…life experiences are very important. Aiyani earned her Associates Degree from the College of Life when she moved to Burbank, CA to pursue her career in TV / Film. She had an agent, a manager and auditioned constantly. By that point she had graduated high school, got her drivers license, met her first love, was left by her first love, changed her hair cut a few times, turned 21 and got drunk…a few times, and became a karaoke junkie. Life can’t stop there though…

Aiyani continued her education and pursued other loves and jobs. She has been proposed to, married, divorced, went to PCPA (Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts), lost weight and gained weight, won awards for dancing and singing; and earned her Bachelors Degree Majoring in Life Decisions with a Concentration in Path to Positive Outcomes with a Minor in Sarcasm, from the College of Life.  She is in the process of earning her Masters Degree from the College of Life.

Recently: After earning her Associates Degree in Occupational Studies in New York, and becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York… she has returned to CA to take on new challenges.  Including, but not limited to “baking bread.”  For details on what that could possibly mean–ask her.

The blog portion of this website reflects Aiyani’s opinion and her experiences.  Some names are real, some have been changed.  If a post is password protected it is meant for someone specific to read.  Please respect the level of chosen privacy. 

  1. Hey you.I was just thinking back through the years, remembering what I can of them and you popped in my mind! So I thought I’d send a little hello ; )… Always, Courtney (Coho) Davis

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