I’m 24 1/2 today! Well, yesterday….um….on the 17th.

I woke up this morning at 6am when an alarm went off. When I went in to the bathroom to brush me teeth, the chill of morning was on the green tile in the Pismo Beach apartment I stayed in last night, and I immediately woke up. We’ll call it a rude awakening. But let’s rewind a bit shall we?

I drove up to SLOville Thursday October 16, 2003 right after work. I dropped by Roger Rabbits house (wait for it……Gwydion82….(hope that worked) on the way to give him a cheering up trinket. A little Roger Rabbit figurine I told him to keep it with him and put it out on a desk or table when he needed a smile and when school was getting to him. And in return he allowed be to take care of his Original Roger Rabbit stuffed animal from the late 80’s. It’s all dirty and well used for a stuffed animal, so I totally appreciate it. Friends are Fun. (Fish are our friends not food). I got to my destination, changed my clothes hung out for a bit then called Seanah to see what she was doin’. When I asked her to come and play with me she paused and I’m sure it was like “but you’re 180 miles away” moment, so I said “come play with me at Milagro’s in SLO” and she was like “YOU’RE HERE!!!” It was fabulous. I picked her up and called BrightEyes (left a message) and went to SLO to watch Verditious play. I liked it. I’m kind of opinionated when it comes to what music I’ll tolerate when it’s live, you know? Like at least with radios or CD’s if it’s loud and screamy anyways you can still control the volume. BUT I really dug them!!!! Moments later a really-good-hair-smelling BrightEyes walked in and we all sat and hung out together for a bit. We were all so tired though we couldn’t stay much longer. We got there at 10pmish, and left by about 11:30pm. I took Seanah home and went back to Pismo Beach. I didn’t tell anyone I was in town really because I knew I wouldn’t have time to actually PLAY-Play, so I stayed at Neil’s house in Pismo Beach…………uh-oh??!!! “Who’s Neil!!!” Everyone says. Well I’ll give you a hint, Kevin called him Prison Boy and Seanah yelled at me for not calling her in 20 minutes because of him. If you don’t get it, back track and read some stuff of their’s and mine…..wait for it…..nahnnah and….karaoke_star33 Let’s just say he changed the Yoda thing to Princess Leia and then something else, and then something else, and something else. I haven’t committed to a nickname for him yet though. Nicknames BECOME, you’re not supposed to THINK of one to call someone. That’s boring! And we all know I am NOT boring. (And BrightEyes you’ll have email here in a day or 2 regarding the above stated, I told you I’d keep you posted)

So anyways I get to Pismo change into my jammies and go to sleep and the alarm went off at 6am……….VERY TIRED. But I woke up and the ….”chill of morning was on the green tile in the Pismo Beach apartment I stayed in last night, and I immediately woke up. We’ll call it a rude awakening.” He was out the door by 6:30 for work – contruction – and I was out the door by 6:50. I hopped in the princessmobile (which now by the way has a WAY COOL sticker that says “Wonderwoman” in SILVAH on the back, courtesy of Mr. Neil himself…courtesy of Pismo-Boy?….meh.) and took off for LA LA Land. I got gas at a local Shell – better gas mileage you know, and THEN was off. By Santa Maria I was exhausted!!!! ALREADY!!??? So I stopped in Buellton at a coffee shope called “Thanks a Latte” …..which reminds me of PePe from the Muppets – don’t know? Ask me. I got a Mint Chocolate blended something or other………I know it’s COLD why am I drinking COLD if it’s COLD, well I had the heater in the car by now!!!!……..and then drove home. Changed again and went to an audition for Chevy Automobiles. Callbacks are 10/22/03, we’ll see. It’s National so that would be cool, but I’ve trained myself to keep both feet firmly on the ground and stay focused because I’m at the beginning of this Journey. My mommie however was excited, probably more than I was – then again she IS my mother! Then I went to a place called Breakdown Services to drop of Pictures as instructed by “My Agent” (ps, I don’t really like to say that I feel a little snobby so I will call them by their names when they call me….”Cynthia” instructed me to take 2 pics to Breakdown Services) so that casting places and what not can see my pic and resume via the internet and whatever. So there was that, I got home by 1:30 feeling as though I’d accomplished enough for the day and took to a nap.

I slept on my couch for 3 hours. It was GREAT. I knew that if I went to sleep in my room I wouldn’t have got out of bed to go to work tonight. Also knows as “The Jungle Cruise” but most of you will know it as Mixed Nuts Comedy Club. I woke up at like….6pmish I guess and showered (FINALLY!!! hahahahahaha) and went to work, trained the new bartender, she’ll be there tomorrow too. Don’t know how she’ll do there she seems very frageelay….fragile. BUT not my problem, So I trained her today and crap and will train her again tomorrow and that will be IT for me and Mixed Nuts. Praise God! But ooooo, now I have to find another bartending job! Whatever.

And now it’s 2:05 I’ve been sitting at this computer for at least an hour doing whatever and I’m tired, so I will go now. Have a great weekend all, and I’ll write later, talk to you soon, and see you next week.

Catch you Kats later

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  1. The funness!
    You sooo missed it! Kev did an awesome job yesterday! We had fun, wish you could have been there! Miss you already!

  2. Don’t know how she’ll do there she seems very frageelay
    Must be Italian. . . đŸ™‚

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