dress codes

Let me tell you something about dress codes. I ….don’t….like…them. Oh! you want MORE than that? You want me to ELABORATE????OK!!!!!!! Let us start from the bottom and go up shall we? afterall, most outfits start with a terriffic pair of shoes.

For arguments sake let’s say I have 50 pairs of shoes. Of those how many do you think *I* would consider “work” shoes. You know, this is a hotel, I’m in a business department…. I’ll say 35. Of those 35…how many do you think are CLOSED TOED AND CLOSE HEALED!!!! Umm…..ok like 5!!!! 4 of which are boots that don’t look that great with the pants or skirts I have so lets safely say I have 1..got that ONE pair of “work shoes” And they’re not heals, or boots. The are black, 3 lack – like boy shoes almost. I LOVE them dont’ get me wrong, but hello???? Going up

Now, what are appropriate business bottoms? Pants? yes, with NO outrageous colors or bright colors or patterns. So I wear really thin striped pants – too colorful? probably. I don’t make a habbit of wearing plaid or poka-dots so we’re cool there. NO capri’s……….what? NO deals! Skirts. Must be no higher than 3 inches above knee. Yah yah that’s fine, but I don’t WEAR skirts. So I looking in my closet I have 1 long black skirt, and 2 (maybe 3) pairs of “appropriate pants.” Higher still to go…

Tops. Shirts. The upper torso shall be completely covered. Nothing sleeveless. If sleeveless one must wear something to cover – umm…k…..Careful of the “Comfortable Colars” We need to look professional. Think to shop for suit jackets and the such. Blouses, things that button up and require a slip tank underneath. Hello??? Hello??? I peruse the closet approximately 7-10 appropriate tops, not that all of them go with the pants I have so it narrows down to 4 – 5.

Jewelery isn’t that big a deal, I don’t wear alot anyways so I can abide by those. No bright nail colors, wear only complimenting tones. (kaza….orange! blue! green! why not!!!) Half the time I only paint my toenail which we’ve clearly stated above that NO ONE will be seeing anyways. So I GUESS that’s OK! Whatever. I’m encouraged to go shopping…………um…….don’t you need money for that? no deals, moocowboo.

And now for my racial moment: Why do cute foreign kids have ugly parents? How doens that genetically happen???? Why are the $.99 stores I go to full of people who don’t speak english. You know if you’re HERE, you kind of have to learn. They are chinese and don’t…wait can’t see where they are going so they hit MY cart 147 times. They can’t read what they’re looking at so why stare at the product? Go home and make something with Sweet & Sour sauce on it. And don’t yell at your kids in your language at the top of your lungs – none of us want to hear that. in ANY language. And you speak so damn fast you think those kids can actually understand what the hell you’re saying??? OR they’re spanish or mexican or whatever. They are no taller than 5 feet which puts the guys eye level at my breasts and they are not shy to stare. KNOCK THAT SH*T OFF ALREADY. If I want to make a run for the border I’ll go to taco smell, but don’t be checking me out. Get your Hot sauce and move on!!!!!!!! And how hard is it to pick out lunch meat. Now, I typically get this at the regular grocery store, but the yogurt fridge was next to the lunch meat fridge and they’re taquito ass and cart are blocking my way. DO YOU WANT THE BOLOGNA, OR THE LOW FAT BOLOGNA, OR FAT FREE BOLOGNA????!!!! Wait they can’t read the difference anyways!!!!! So they go to grab the frozen burritos that they are familiar with but will swear at later cause their madre makes the best ones and why did they buy those???… wah wah wah. And let’s touch ALL the bananas and potatoes. And stare at the bad makeup products and try on all the perfumes and lotions and make the place reak so us halfbreeds can break out in hives and swear in english while smiling – they don’t understand me anyways right? And will the BLACK dudes leave me alone??? Don’t look at me and say “damn”, don’t peak out beyond your hat/beanie/bandana and say “sup girl?” and expect me to swoon. Don’t follow me around the store – you’re not really interested in the different pens they have, but hey! it’s on the same aisle as the toilet paper right??!! WHATEVER.

NOW, I would like to take this time to say I have chinese friends, and mexican friends, and black friends, and white friends, and whatever – purple friends. This is not in anyway spitting on YOU, it is the people I run into and the personality traits that seem to be apart of each one in EVERY PLACE I GO. It’s the stereo types, it’s the fact I’m in Blur-Bank and miss white people…hahahah. It’s that no one in this town says good morning, or smile – except me. I’m trying to change the entire town while I’m here and it’s a slow process.

I like Smart & Final, thanks.

Is the strike over? – I’m a lost toy. I don’t pay attention do I?

Today I went to 3 stores to buy food instead of the gym – but bringing them up from the car was one hell of a workout, so I’d say it evened out just fine. I feel like eating, but I don’t know what.

Audition tomorrow for a commercial at 12noon, then off to Knotts Berry Farm to catch up with mommie, randy (her husband) myfavoritesister, Step-brandon, smurf, Britney, and Rikster. Staying at the Rad Rad Radisson right next door to Knotts, and though Medieval Times is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET we will not be able to go all together. It’s VERY expensive. Now Paying for one person is one thing but if it’s say $48 a pop, that’s a lot a mula for the parents!!! Yah Yah sister and I have jobs but EVERYONE else would be dependant on them, so oh well. But I spoke with my favorite Knight a couple weeks ago and said “happy anniversary!” cause we met November last year!!!! hahahhaha The real day is on the 23rd…..yes I remember plus it’s written down on the burgerking crowns we get and in the Medieval times photo album. So I’ll call him sunday to say it again – then on tuesday to say happy birthday. He’s still yummy to me.

Boys. Um….I don’t like them anymore. For the longest time they didn’t like me, then they did – at the same time, now they are wierd. Well only 1, well 2. You know, I don’t want to play the role of girlfriend, but I seem to come across that way – so I have to correct them. “no, I’m cool with what we have…really!” Or they get mad so easily when I’m trying to communicate with them about an issue. Which isn’t really an issue, but if I bring it up it seems to be….what what what???? I dont’ get you guys, I just dont. I guess I don’t NEED to, but it’d be nice since I don’t EXPECT ANYTHING FROM YOU, that you’re nice to me all right? Fair enough? And don’t friggin’ ignore me allright??? You have a problem with me, you bring it to me – or you be nice, that’s it!!! NO DEALS.

I’m tired, hungry and I am SOOO PMS. I was crying a couple nights ago about NOTHING, then I was angry for NO REASON. Plantboy made me cry – but I don’t think on purpose, Mentor let me vent, Sticker-Boy depressed me by saying I’m a deeper person than I portray, That I’m not really happy go lucky,and I’m trying to pursue a career that few make it in – NO SH*T SHERLOCK. But what makes him think I can’t do it? He hasn’t seen me do anything to say I’ve “got it” or not. Not that his opinion will change mine, but at the time it was just depressing. Then he apologized cause he knew I was already upset that day and knows he had made it worse – so that was cute and nice. NICE…boys GET IT??? GET IT??? BE NICE. I’ll be your friend longer. And friends last longer than boyfriends anyways.

Ok, feeling better. That brownie I brought home looks GREAT now. Bye

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  1. Here’s to Friends….:-)
    And remember, there is a difference between Boys and Men. 🙂

  2. ya know…
    payless ~ buy 1 get one 1/2 off sale! if we weren’t divorced i’d be a bad inluence on you and make you go shopping with you. but i hear your plight and even IIIII have gone into hiding to escape the payless temptation.
    as far as random, annoying, unfriendly people? ~ um, never thought i’d say this but DON’T move to new york! you thing burp-bank is bad!? actually new yorkers are pretty cool. maybe it’s just my annoying co-workers at applebee’s that bug the hell out of me. most of the are from brooklyn and i’m seeing a pattern. brooklyn-ites are assholes. NO! DO move to new york and we’ll take them on together!
    and jax (hi! btw) said that there’s a difference between men and boys?? that’s just like saying that not all women are evil! c’mon ~ 🙂

    • Re: ya know…
      just for the record…i think i must have been drunk when i wrote that last comment because i’m re-reading it and hello??? it makes no sense! but you understand me anyway and that’s why i love you!

  3. Yup…PMS!
    I join you! I can’t comiserate on the boy thing as it has been years since I have had any boy overdoses…but…I will agree with yoiu that people suck in general, the few who don’t, are def in the minority.
    I will see you soon, and that makes me happy…otherwise, I’m not likin it!

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