John Tickets go on sale to the public 1/10/04, so you know

January Birthday’s:
Shawn Jacques – 1/5
Mentor – 1/13
Jen Cousins “D” – 1/13
Smurf – 1/30
* if your birthday is in January please let me know, that and your favorite ice cream – thanks

I’m really busy today at work………it’s 12:30 and I’ve been done with everything,but a couple random filing things,since 9:14.

I had an audition today for a Target Commercial. I had to salsa dance. I got called yesterday from Cavaleri & Assoc. about it that I should wear a twirly sort of skirt and heels and take salsa music. Well……..I don’t have a twirly skirt or salsa music. So I showed up at the address in Hollywood sporting a pair of black cottong dance/jammie pants and a John Mayer shirt. Hair tied back in a ponytail. All the girls were WAY decked out. Sassy Skirts, REALLY high heels – good hair. And they looked great and all, but I thought they wanted me to dance? So I filled out the info sheet that asks me my name my agent and all my sizes wah wah wah and they took a polaroid pic to attach to it. A couple girls when in at a time and then the guy just called me in by my self. Didn’t read to far into it though. I set my crap down and told him I didn’t have a twirly skirt or salsa music but I brought “this” and handed him the Sarah McLachlan Remixed CD and smiled. He said that was great but he still needed me to salsa – I said sure. Then he slated me (Look in camera “Aiyani Mersai” and turn and show both profiles). then turned on the music and said go for it. So I danced for like 1-2 minutes and that was that. Fun.

Last night Seanah and I had dinner at some yummy chinese food place in Pasadena – I never go there (Pasadena) it’s nice, has a snooty SLO feeling. Fun stores everywhere on the “strips”. Poor Seanah was on the phone when I got to her trying to figure out how the puppy was going to go with since all of a sudden he weighed too much and needed another form that said he’d be allowed to travel in 20 degrees. DOGGIE DRAMA!!! Which is SOOOOOOO not what she needed! They were going to have to pay an obsene amount of money extra because of this and it was just no good – no deals. But I just spoke to her and everything was fine, the people at the airport didn’t make her pay more (there’s a HUGE difference in $80 and $565 isn’t there?) But i’m sure she’ll put all of this and that on her page when she gets there and settled. She is gonna call me when she gets there so I know she’s safe and by the way Kaza reported today 7 degrees with a wind chill. yikes!! Those New Yorkers are insane. Who says I’m going there????? (Smack!!!!)

Toy Talk – Today’s Toy: Sit-n-Spin
You’re in charge!! Take the wheel and Spin!!!!!!!!! So We sit on the bottom and grab the wheel and turn it and everything spins…….well WE spin, not everything. Let’s look at the “funner” (funner is not a word, this I know) side of our personalities. Now the sit-n-spin is always colorful, which would represent the “fun side of us. But once we sit and start turning…..the room spins, our insides get confused and when we stop we’re dizzy and we laugh. We as humans DO want to engage the party side of us ever so often. Some more than others – of course. And we will wrap up around something fun and colorful and be in charge of how fast we want to go or how slow. Can you imagine the sit-n-spin drunk? hahaha. Not recommended. My advice? Take time to spin, go out more and play more, stay in control but let loose, if you get to dizzy step off, it will be there to play with another day.

I need another job, well a different job. I believe this weekend I will go and apply at some restraunts and bars and what not….hhm….suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.

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