i’ll be A-Okay

Angry Housewives has a picture up for your comfort and enjoyment.

After the rain washes away the tears, all the pain. (lil Nelson for you) I apologize if I seemed short, kurt, or completely antisocial on saturday. I wanted to be around people i liked and in a place that made me happy, but at the same time I wished I was a fly on the wall so my feelings of dispair and gloom were not on display. Just know, I DO appreciate everyone who came up to me and tried to comfort me.

And this morning, I feel different. And I think you should know that. Today, the song “this will all make perfect sense someday” by John, is suitable. (the subject title is from this song as well)

Today I’m looking at workout facilities and gonna go visit Stephi at the Cliffs. Tomorrow I have an interview at a Chiropractors office as a receptionist partime. I SHOULD take a fulltime job to assist in paying off bills, but partime should be ok too, since I don’t have crazy bills anymore. This will be slowly but surely.

And with that, I go for now – perhaps a post later this day. we shall see. Until then, enjoy your day and know you make a difference in my life.

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  1. Gym Time!
    Ummm PLEASE come work out with me at Pismo Beach Athletic Club!!!! It’s not exceptionally cheap ($40 a month) but I think it’s an awesome place and totally worth it. The best part is dance classes 2 times a week (Wed 5:30 pm and Sat 10:45 am). Very cool nice people teach the classes (there’s also Bodypump, Bodycombat–whooo! talk about sweating ass off!–step, yoga, etc). Then there’s the pool and the rest of the normal gym stuff. Kennedy’s is nice too (in AG), but PBAC is like a little more friendly, comfortable kinda place…no Poly Dollies or Meatheads…AND I GO THERE *bonus material*. They are very cool about letting people in on a free pass to try it out. PLEASE come try a dance class with me!!! puh-leeeeeze-leeeeze-leeeeze!!! *cough*

  2. got any escrow experiance?
    banking or mortgage experiance
    we might have an opening soon at cuesta title for an assistant

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