Already behind schedule

Packing up for the trip to La La Land to train whomever they hired AFTER I left. Oh joy. I’m nice, right? I SHOULD just let ’em sit in it, but…..I wouldn’t want to be in her position not knowing anything.

SO, I’m already behind schedule I was gonna leave at 1p, it’s 2p and I’m finishing packing. Need to shower, doh! and pack bathroom stuff…..gggrrrrrrrr

I’ll be back wednesday afternoon, and then I have a pick up rehearsal for Angry Housewives.

ps. You better come and see it, come on…..I play the drums. Nay …I TRY to play the drums. Oh look 2 songs!!! Funny, they sound the same. WHATEVER! Congratulations to the Rikster for teaching me a lil som’m som’m on the drums – he’s SUCH a good teacher. Hi, he’s 11 and he rocks – wanna be like him.

oh AND, I won’t have internet to play with while I’m there so if you need me call me, or the hotel number is 626-445-8525. I’ll be in the sales department in the day and ….dont’ know what room number but use my last name if you call me in the evening. But use my Cel too!

ok ok ok ok ???

I gotta get going.

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