The phrase was “I’ll get there as soon as I can”

Sunday Night I made it to Arcadia, CA by about 7:30pm. In time to grab a couple free drinkies, order dinner via room service, and respond to the massive texts kaza sent me. TONY’s TONY’s are on tonight. You have to watch them. OK OK OK OK OK OK OK !!! Thank you Tony’s at 8pm. I curled up on the couch, and it began.

The Tony’s Highlights:
Hugh Jackman hosted, and well done. I’m impressed that THAT man is VanHelsing, Wolverine (sp? sorry X-Men fans) and totally did a kick line with the New York Rocketts (again, sp? sorry) Why can he kick higher than most girls? Go figure.

Everyone always says “Aiyani when are YOU moving to New York”….the response ALWAYS is, I think I should visit first, don’t you? What if I don’t like it! And kaza’s out there WAY more talented than *I* am, why would anyone higher a 5’9” halfbreed with some vocal talent, some dance experience and some acting experience. I’m ONLY famous in SLOville, a curse I suppose, and appreciated at the same time. So there I was sitting on the couch watching snippet performances from Shows up for Tony’s and “Defy Gravity” from WICKED came on. Idina Menzel (kaza? sp??), the green witch…….um…NO WORDS other than OH MY GOD could make it past my mouth. I started to laugh, and cry in amazement, and the chills on my entire body were starting to hurt. I’d never seen ANYTHING like that before. NEVER. After I called kaza, crying and laughing and said “i’ll get there as soon as I can” She laughed and cried with me. Funny how EVERYONE wonders when I’m going, *I’m* in constant denial and a 3 minute song on my television changes my ENTIRE world and life in my mind…….. changes. SO by popular demand, “New York Bound III: Princess says YES!” is in Pre-Production. (enter all the comments concerns and questions and suggestions and facial expressions)

THEN I’m watching and Kaza’s new bestfriend John from Avenue Q is on stage talking to Hugh Jackman with one of the puppets. RRRIIIIIIIINNGGGGGGG (macaroooooni. says kaza – lol) “hello” I SEE YOU’RE NEW BEST FRIEND, HE’S ADORABLE. bla bla bla screach screach screach. HE HAS YOUR PICTURE ON HIS MIRROR. Freak out freak out freak out – get off the phone.

Best Actress in a Musical – Idina Menzel. Cry CRY CRY – RING RING RING. Kaza answsers laughing….hello….” you DO look like her” Kaza has been told MORE OFTEN THAN ONCE, that she looks like Idina (we’re so on first name bases now), and she thinks I can sing like her, so Idina=Yani&Kaza; The roommaaaaaaahhh’s! Laughing crying at how cute wonderful talented she is, I repeat myself over and over “i’ll get there as soon as i can” She wants me to go home with her August after she visits out here – i’ll try. God willing! LOOK OUT TUCSAN! (if you don’t get that you need to watch Romy and Michele, thanks bye)

Best new Musical Avenue Q – her best friend is like THE star……….big sigh……….RING RING. Laugh laugh – talk talk wonderful wonderful unbelieveable, crazy, cool……….I’LL GET THERE AS SOON AS I CAN”……… Kaza got the pics TODAY from mommies house with YOU AND JOHN and from the surprise visit – Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH and CrAckerrrrr. (wink)

Work was Work with someone who doesn’t understand hotels AT ALL. Frustrated Incorporated. Receptionists can job hop, Secretaries, but when you hire a HOTEL Sales Admin she/he sure as HELL better understand the difference between Corporate Prefferred rates, and Group Blocks. WAH WAH WAH.

Monday night watched Anger Management, and My cousin Vinnie at Plantboys house. Yes he was adorable, and attentive, and did everything right. Yes he steals the first place award back for best kisser, yes yes yes, bla bla bla. NO, i don’t know why I go. Because when it’s just him and me and we’re hanging out, I can forget everything else, and I love it. He being in his own category will always make meeting new boys difficult, unfortunately for them….and me I will compare them. I know I shouldn’t – I’m not a perfect person, there’s many things I wish I didn’t do. But I continue learning……(name that song) Anyways, I know he can be a royal jerkasaurus, he knows that, we just have a way of understanding eachother, and trusting eachother and communicating. I do not regret time I spend with him, but I tend to question myself – oh well. All it comes down too, is I get to escape when I’m with him, and that very well could just be worth the drive.

Work work work, repeat myself repeat myself – get frustrated. Leave at 5pm and go upstairs to wait to hear from Mentor – he and I and Bobby were supposed to hang out. Long story short, he never called so Bobby and I saw VanHelsing.

Princess Review for VANHELSING:
Who’s seen into the woods? This is the darker version of THAT minus the moments of breaking into song. Going into the theatre I had NO idea what to expect. What I got was never sittig back in my chair and constantly jumping as every 30 seconds to a minute something ELSE would happen. The Duke from Moulin Rouge (Richard Roxburgh) makes a WONDERFUL Dracula sporting Darker hair creating more intensity in his eyes. Kate Beckinsale and her on target accent in Transylvania make fighting wolves, and draculas look easy and like old news – but then again her family has been doing this for years and it shows! It’s no wonder she was chosen for the role, her beauty and athletisism bring the strong sense of woman we woman ALL want to have once in a while. She does justice to the name heroine. The special effects and facial features and structures are all what make this movie amazing for the eyes and hard on the heart. Those with weak hearts are encouraged to get an earful than an eyeful. In one word: Damn.

Work work – but only until 12pm. Had to practically fight the GM for money. I was told Gas, Milage ($0.37 per mile traveled) and time spent with the new girl would be paid. wah wah wah, finally he caved and I left having received exActly what I was promised. Got home in time for an hour power nap, minus the power….and off to a fun pick up rehearsal.

You know I dig pickups sometimes. This time was GREAT, no sets, no costumes, just a spead through of our lines pretty much and of course the occasional change in line or addition for that matter. Anything for a laugh sometimes right?

Jack (not shawn jacques) and I saw “Day after tomorrow”

Princess review for DAY AFTER TOMORROW
Walking into a movie not knowing anything about it (again) allows me to really have no expectations. Again amazed. A scientific event that makes no sense to me creates the new form of the next “ice age’ for the northern hemisphere on earth. The visual effects really create that wide-eyed look for those who just don’t seem to get how powerful mother nature is. Though scientists make no efforts to change this course of event, nay – there was NOTHING that they could’ve done anyways, everyone tries to evacuate before the weather drops so quickly the -150 degrees freezes you on impact. The story remains interesting watching the survival of the son and friends of the man (Dennis Quaid) that predicted this ice age. The fight is appreciated but feels slightly unconvincing. The trek in the snow, and trying to beat the weather doesn’t seem to effect this father like it effects everyone else – he must have hero characteristics we don’t know about. But I love it the same. Afterall TWISTER pulled the same thing off….oh look a tornado lifts up EVERYTHING in a 1/2 mile radius but not me only feet from it running! I do encourage the viewing, weak hearts are invited – and its one of those “just imagine if” movies. Enjoy.

Show night, Great crowd for a thursday, about 80 I think. Randy Bear made an appearance. Said he saw the poster with me on it and had to see it. HOW COOL IS HE???? HOW MUCH DO I LOVE HIM????!!!! It was nice to see him, and feel his support – thank you front and center too. Great seats for just walking up to the ticket booth without reservations. Then it was to Blue for a couple drinkies with the cast.

Thank you show tonight, missed my lunch with Jax – sorry. Missed the viewing of Aladdin with Adrienne, Sccip, Shannon, and Wes – see you at the show though! and uh…..i’m supposed to read this script but don’t think I’ll finish it – best if I at least start it right?

see ya

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  1. Re: reliving it!
    so much fun to go through it all again via your update! there’s really no way to truly explain it, is there? but you did a darn good job if i do say so myself. glad to hear that you’re considering coming back with me! oh the damage we’ll do to this town together!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY for even the thought of it!
    “WOOOOOOOOO! look out tuscon! ‘you’re burnin’ yearnin’ turnin’ ….”

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