No saying “I didn’t get the memo” HERE it is!!

You still wanna play???? HI HI HI HI HI HI – As of now, ……
Where:  Camelot –
When:  Monday August 9, 2004
What time: 7pm
  So far I believe it’s Michael, Me, Rookie? Alana?  Brighteyes? Kermit? Kaza – not sure on her.  She promised someone she’d take a yoga class.  So I don’t know. Sergio? Amy? Joel? Kevin? Vicki? Does anyone read this and FEEL like watching Eddie?  Who’s Eddie Izzard? Stand up Comedian.  HILARIOUS. Sir charlemagne? Judy? – you live there…you gonna play???……… Loke? Jim? WHO WANTS TO PLAY.  Ring-a-ding ding me or comment on this, or email me – WHATEVER.  I still want to watch it!!!!!!!  Come and Play.  Bring….. I dont’ know,  munchies and drinkies YOU ……BRING YOU.  I’d say the viewing shall promptly begin by 7pm, so show up like at….6:47? ok. hi.

and birthdays, sorry i’m a lil late on this one:
8/1 Gracee Kenny
8/4 Mikey D (in La La Land)
8/5 Amy Watkins (is that right? the 5th??hhhmmmmm)
8/8 Logan Patrick-Murdock Blackwell
8/8 Randy (I am your biggest fan….)
8/9 Ro (ps we’re goin’ out after the Eddie Viewing!!!!)
8/10 Mr. Stevers
8/10 Mrs. Manager Bowman (Stefi from the Cliffs)
8/14 Myfavoritesister
8/16 Bob Fialkowski
8/19 Prettygirl
8/19 Roger Rabbit
8/27 Marcster
8/30 Jimmy (friend in Vegas)

Medieval Times – wanna go to that too?  I’m looking at Saturday 8/28.  What do you think.

NY – I’m looking at September 20 – 27ish

Starbucks – ode to  the days where wearing a green apron will be a fond and fun memory.  No, It was fine today.  I was just a lil tired.  Having only got 3-4 hours of sleep.  I was on register, gettin’ better at that!!! Haven’t played with the espresso machine since the first day I was introduced to it.  Frappucino’s will be second nature soon.  Great, fabulous, fine.

Brighteyes – Mr. Matt Manager even remembered (via looking at the “request” calendar) to give me this weekend off for Relay.  So yay for ppl behaving correctly.  Sorry I was wierd last night – was I wierd?  hhmm…

Happy birthday Amy and those who missed out on the creme puff things – are SOOOOO jealous right now.  ALL OF YOU!!!! JEALOUS. 

Sergio – thanks for my dress!!! It is a lil big, but I will volunteer my mommie to take it in a bit!  It’s beautimus maximus.  Thanks for thinking of me when you were out and about.

And here’s a thought for everyone else.  My dad killed 2 chickens in the backyard on thursday night, chopped their heads right off.  Pulled out the feathers with his bare hands.  Pulled out the guts with his bare hands, soaked ’em froze ’em and is now marinating them for a BBQ tonight. I can’t bring myself to eat it – I know I’ve had chicken before.  But the fact that their blood is in my backyard? is just sort of ….well……..ewe.  Reminds me of the story with Tyler and Jayme and the…….. rooster? next door? I dont’ know – something like that.  Then there was peace from the neighbors yard. hahahahaha. but ewe. So yah – I’ll let you know if I break down and eat some or not.  It’s just a lil wierd for me.

And with that – I think I’ll take a nap.  Bit tired afterall.  If I dont’ hear from you guys soon I will assume i will SEE YOU TOMORROW AT CAMELOT.  if you don’t go I will say this “Whatever you’ve changed” and I’ll sign it to you too cause I learned how to last night from Sarryh.

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  1. Eye ghet offa werk at seven so maybe ill be uh stoppin bye.

  2. OOh OOH OOH! Me too!! Hopefully I should get off of work on time (around 5:30pm) and then pray that my dad can fix my shower tomorrow night. *{=) I look forward to seeing people!!

  3. Bi-Coastal….
    Call me and I’ll play for a little while…Sorry I didn’t call you back last night….we ended up spending MORE money and I got depressed….Talk to you tonite!

  4. Medieval Times
    yes I wanna go too……sorry…..saturdays are spoken for

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