1.  No this is not about new york – do you guys even remember me going?  I took alot of notes,  it’s just taking me time because i’m rarely with peach lately.

2.  The CD Drive on Peach won’t open.  She makes a sound like she’s trying and sometimes the green light blinks, but nothing – suggestions welcomed.

3.  Auditions for the upcoming dance show are Sunday January 9th, 2005 at 5pm at Rookie’s new studio World Rhythm and Motion Studio and affectionately known as Rookiepoint.  A part of me says “I’m there” the other says “yah but theres too much of you”

4.  it’s begun.  The tax company 8-5 and then the green apron 6-Close (normally 11pm) No, this will not be every day, but probably at least 2-3 times a week, and then in feb-april probably 4-5 times a week.  Finding time to workout will be interesting but a must. forget sleep.

5.  food – see ya

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  1. I’m guessing Peach is the name of your computer. If you’re using limewire… you have a mac, yes?
    Always restart your comp when something isn’t working right… and if you are just trying to open the drive, there should be a teeny pin hole in the front where you can stick a paperclip end in. It’ll pop the drive open… BUT, that just opens it – that won’t fix why it won’t open normally.

  2. i have spare cd rom drives
    i’ll trade you for pretty much anything, although i really need motherboards, powersupplies, and maybe videocards
    since you probably don’t have any of that, you could just ask nicely and do that patented aiyani smile thing and it’s yours
    drop me an email

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