WICKED List Update

For those of you on the Wicked-Wagon here is the updated info, and it will continue to be updated as the info makes its way to me:

Who’s going:
My Miguel
Jack 2005
Mandy + 1 (maybe)
Kevin + 2 (maybe)
Jason Sumabat
Lisa Marie + 1
Derek (LM’s Friends)
Paul (LM’s Friends)
Lisa Dean (maybe)
Larry Kaml + family
Ashley Ashmore (maybe)
Fellow Adobe Players (this coude be up to 25 people)
Sgt James
Mahroomah (pending research)
David, kaza’s david (pending research)

We (Lisa Marie and Myself) found getting a tour bus could be around $20-$30 per person

I have yet to get ahold of a Pantages Theatre Associate and get an estimate on Group Rates

A Saturday matinee in July (it runs for the entire month of July)

The matinee because we plan on going there and back in one day, finding hotel rooms could mean you rooming with complete strangers 42 to 4 to a room and costing MORE money – not necessary.  The bus?,  because why drive when we don’t have to

Kevin – I know you have to be back for skarieokie BUT tell Mark NOW to be prepared for you to be late – i REALLY want you to go

I’m calling the theater on Tuesday (they’re closed monday) to get an estimate on group tix – ticket prices for wicked have not yet been released by the way.

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  1. us us us!
    Me and Sgt James plllllllllleeeeeeeeesssseeeee!!!!!!

  2. muuuuaaaaa-haaaa-haaaa-haaaa

  3. Wicked
    matthew is making plans to come with us also. wow a tour bus huh?! stylin’

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