Your WICKED Update

This has also been sent to many email addresses that have expressed interest in going.

If you didnt’ receive this is in your personal email account, please let me know what it is so I can update you with out posting here.

Welcome to the CENTRAL COAST WICKED WAGON with your hosts Princess Aiyani and Lisa Marie.

Here is the updated scoop:

As a group (20 + participants) we have to chose 3 days that we are willing to / want to attend for the Pantages Theater WICKED Engagement. Lisa Marie and I have chosen July 30, 23, and 16th as our choices. These are Saturday Matinee choices. Please keep these dates free in the back of your mind until we have received confirmation that we have seats. (We have to give them options as a requirement as a group) Leading me to…

Pantages theater has seats capacity at 2703 with all the seats reserved. Orchestra contains 36 rows and they are labeled from A-Z and NN-ZZ. The Mezzanine section, which comes out over Row T of the Orchestra and contains 15 rows, labeled A-H and J-Q. Each level contain five divisions. Center, Right Center, Left Center, Right, and Left.

To view seating chart go here:

Seat Prices per person:
Orchestra $100
Center Mezzanine A-H (Center Balcony near the front) $100
Side Mezzanine A-H (Side Balcony near the front) $100
Mezzanine J-N $65
Side Mezzanine J-N $40
Mezzanine P-Q $40

* Note there are no elevators in this theatre. If you or someone you are bringing require a wheelchair accessible seat I need to know so I can put it on the group order form.

I need EVERYONE to chose what section/price you would like and tell me so I can make sure I set aside enough tickets in the correct section. Telling me where you’d like to sit does NOT commit you to going. After I request how many tickets we will need, AND I get confirmation that they are reserved, AND you give me money for your theatre seat, THAT will confirm you going.

I need to know your seating selection by THIS Friday February 25, 2004 by 3pm in order to send over the group form. I cannot add more tickets once they are reserved, however I CAN drop some if we ask for too much; meaning if you change your mind tell me so I can free up your seat.

Once I send off the Group Information it will take approximately 2 weeks to be processed. Once I’ve received confirmation of a date chosen from the three (3) different dates we send, I will notify you and we’ll talk money and when you need to get it to me by. Keep in mind I may need your ticket money in full as soon as one (1) week after I’ve received confirmation we have seats reserved. However, to keep you slightly at ease the theatre may only require a deposit for the seats right away and the rest later. This DOES mean though, either way I WILL need money from you to guarantee your seat at the theatre in possibly 2 -3 weeks. Please keep this in mind when selecting your section for seating arrangement.

There will be a tour bus. The cost will be $23 per person. I will need your $23 ASAP. The latest, and I don’t like deadlines either BUT, I need your $23 by Friday March 4, 2004 to guarantee your seat on the bus. This will be a Non-Refundable deposit for the trip.

For those of you who often see me, you can just give me your $23 in person and I’ll check you off on my list as “paid for bus” For those who don’t see me often you can send me a check via snail mail to:

Aiyani Mersai
240 Spruce Street Unit 5
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 * please write “CCWW Bus” in the memo line

For those who’d like to use PAYPAL please send money to:
Amount: $23
Currency: U.S Dollars (thanks….)
Category of Purchase: Service
Subject: CCWW Bus
Note: Please tell me your name incase your email address doesn’t shed any light on the subject….thanks!

Where: Pantages Theatre, Hollywood, CA
What: WICKED the Musical
When: (Pending) July 16, or 23, or 30th – Matinee performance of 2pm
Seats: Pick a section and TELL ME BY FRIDAY AT 3PM your preference
$23 for Bus ride to Aiyani

Questions, Comments, or Concerns email me directly at or call me at 805-459-0247

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  1. It’s hard to not have money
    If I had the money, I’d totally go, because it sounds like fun.
    Have a good time!

    Here is my confirmation of attendance.
    Next to you!
    Hmmm! I live in Hollywood. Can I ride back to SLO? Will there be allowances for “beverages” & food? Still $23.00 for half a trip?
    Sweet Pea

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