$$ Change for WICKED

Hello all. I’m sorry to throw this at you on such short notice. The first installation to the theatre is now due April 4th, which means I need your money by this friday April 1 12 noon (and no I’m not joking) However this shortage of time means we all have a little bit LESS to pay for the first payment installation. NOW …….

The Following people owe $35 by this friday April 1, by 12noon
Sgt Jim
Judy (loke’s mommie)
Jason Champeau
Nicole Champeau
Scott Lueck 1
Scott Lueck 2
Greg Birdsong
Dolores Birdsong
Terry Sue
Michael Rosen
Terry (LD’s roomate)
Mandy 1
Mandy 2

The following people owe $28 by this friday April 1
Mandy 3
Mandy 4
Mandy 5
Mandy 6
Mandy 7
Mandy 8
Angie 1
Angie 2
Matt Schmitz
Gracee Kenny

Again I have extra tix avail but I need to get a good head count. Please contact me asap on how we can get the money in. thank you.

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