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So here I am.  $7.40 an hour Sporting The Green Apron up to a whole 23 hours a week.  Yes, I make HALF of what I used to.  Yes, I CHOSE part time – and even if I wanted full time, it’s not available.  Yes, I chose The green apron because it would enable me to audition in la la land sometimes. 

But I need to be making more money.  Current living situation – rent free, will change in 2 months to $300 a month.  Current Car situation is STILL $233 a month – and for another 2 years too.  Gym is $45, I pay Bear seperatley from gym and I only see him 2 times a week – I’d like to see him 4 times a week..  He gives me a GREAT deal because we’ve known eachother for YEARS and he’s just a very good friend.  But STILL – Where do I find more money. 

To live the “life” I want I need

$300 Rent
$75 utilities – lets say
$233 Car
$45 Gym
$400 Bear
Soon I won’t need to pay storage so that gives me  WHOPPING $45 back a month
Car insurance
Cel Phone
lets say a total I need to NET $1200

This may also pay for Gas, Groceries – things like toilet paper and FOOD.

What do I make now??? I GROSS LESS THAN $600 A MONTH

I know, I KNOW – I’m a loser.  I can feel it. EVERYDAY I feel it.  Everyday I think of a NEW way to be disappointed in myself.  Everyday I also have the same reasons why clothes don’t fit.  Because I’m a FAT COW.

YAH – Welcome to week 10 working out with Bear 2 times a week for one hour.  And welcome to the 4th week of me doing cardio on my own in addition to my training.  And what have I lost you ask?????????????………..NOTHING.  I weight the EXACT SAME. My MEASUREMENTS are the EXACT same. 

I’m discouraged.  I’m stronger – Bear says I am, I KNOW I am – but I need to LOOK different – I NEED IT.

Yah – I’ve applied for Financial Aid for PCPA, no I haven’t heard of anything.  NO – I haven’t applied for any scholoarships or Grants – WHERE DO I DO THIS??  And can’t apply for a Student Loan until I”ve been a student for 30 days. 

I KNOW – EVERYONE has money problems and they seem to work themselves out.  they WON”T work themselves out at this rate.  I dont’ want to go back to hotels just to pay bills and food on the damn table.  I dont’ want a boring office job.

I don’t know what to do – I dont’ know I don’t know I don’t know. 

All I know, is I need more money. 

Ideas anyone?

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  1. You have a great voice and seem perky enough πŸ™‚ The answering service where I work is hiring again and we start at $8/hr
    Need to be able to spell and type a min of 40/wpm.
    If you are interested please contact Marie at 545-8282 and tell her I sent ya πŸ™‚
    We are Advantage Answering Plus and we are open 365 days a year 24 hours a day so we have varying shifts available and part time is ok πŸ™‚
    If this is not what you are looking for then I wish you luck in finding what you need.

  2. i’m concerned about your workout schedule… i trained with a guy here in gainesville, who i know trained many people – and they would see big results in just a few weeks. what is your goal? cutting inches? you shouldn’t be so concerned with increasing strength.. you should be focusing on low weight, high reps, lots of cardio and controlled eating. with a good plan, you can make this happen.

  3. I wish I had some kind of idea I could give you that would make it all better. I think ‘s idea of doing the answering service job is good. Other than that, maybe hiring yourself out for singing at weddings and funerals? My sister does that, and it seems all you need to do is be able to work with people on the music they want and get accompanying music.
    I’ve heard that the stronger you get, the faster your metabolism gets, so that you will be able to burn your body’s excess fuel easier. I hope it works out for you (no pun intended).

  4. Financial aid won’t get back to you until the last possible minute, they usually send out your money after the first week of classes, but you should be recieving a little packet of papers to fill out that make you sign a bunch of contracts, and fill out how much you need to live.. do not hesitate to put down 1200 a month. You should still qualify for a few of the student loans you can get through financial aid. You should also go directly to PCPA to apply for scholarships, grants are covered with the financial aid application, they should have their own financial aid/scholarship office and you will apply for most of the scholarships all at once.
    contact the Financial Aid Officer, Allan Hancock College, 800 South College Drive, Santa Maria, California 93454. (805) 922-6966 ext 3216. (from the website) <— go there now! apply for all the scholarhips you can online. These are specifically for hancock college students. <— go there also, many many opportunities for scholarships, although you might have to write a few essays for some of them.
    There is so much money out there that is waiting to help you get through school and pay for everything, but you will have to dig a bit for it. Just don’t give up.
    In the meantime… just keep your eyes open for little jobs, the bits and pieces can add up pretty fast, but for the next two months you should be able to scrape by until the financial aid comes in.

    • dig dig dig
      totally. SO much money available for students but it truly does take persistance. just like with anything else. weight loss goals or your big break into fame.
      it will happen. but you have to be an active member in making it so. don’t sweat the rent thing. we’ll work it out. WE WILL.
      i still think you should look into the restaurant biz. remember, i had NO experience when i came to the big apple and now i’m a friggin’ bartender in times square. you have bartending experience and certainly guest relations experience. a restaurant job would be a perfect addition to your income not to mention easy $$$ and flexible scheduling depending on what kind of ‘joint’ you find.
      think about it. I’M even going to look for a bartending job when i come back because it’s FUN and it’s EASY!
      like i said, think about it!

  5. ditto on the high reps
    theres a definite difference between a get strong vs. get slender workout regimen.
    i’d talk it over with someone who isn’t your friend – your current coach type person may not know *how* to do the slenderizer regimen (not unreasonable, a lot of health professionals frown on such things as unhealthy).
    anyway, i can only say, that you should consider the wedding singer/funeral singer thing while you do the workout thing and look for auditions, it doesn’t cut into your work very much and it does pay fairly well, and you know you’re fairly well know in the area already, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get started
    (he said with no actual experience regarding the whole thing)

  6. There is a job fair tomorrow, Wed, May 11 at Cuesta College from 10-1. You can come see me there, my company is hiring for non-desk jobs.

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