Joel was helpful, but I still just don’t get it – I think it’s cause I’m not very peach savvy (peach=my computer)

How do I add images to my journal entries, user bio or comments?
Any image you wish to use must first be uploaded to a webspace provider that allows remote loading to LiveJournal. It is not possible to upload or copy and paste a picture from your hard disk directly into an entry. In order to add an image to your entry, you must first locate a Web server that you can upload the image to. This is necessary because other users need to have access to the image in order to display it and do not have access to the hard disk in your computer. . .

wha?  – sorry I’m retarded guys, maybe I’ll just not try to post peekchas.

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  1. You can create an account with a website like photobucket. Photobucket has the links already created for you once you upload a picture. All you would need to do is copy the img src.

  2. It means that you have to put the photo on a site like flickr, PBase, Photobucket or smugmug before you can put them in your journal. (There are others; search Google for “photo hosting” to find some if you want.) If you have a paid account, you can try LiveJournal’s own ScrapBook photo hosting service.
    Once you have your photo in a place where anyone can view it from a web browser like Internet Explorer, you can put it in your journal. To do this, you need to know the URL (address) of the picture on the website (flickr, etc). In Internet Explorer, you can right click on the picture and choose “properties” at the very bottom. Then copy the URL off of the little box that pops up. It will look something like this:

    To put the picture in your journal, you have to use HTML tags. You’ll put this in your journal:
    <img src=””>
    Which will look like this when you read the post (but not when you’re editing the post):

    Hope that helps!

    • Darn, apparently the picture I chose isn’t linkable from other sites. I swear it works, though…
      I don’t have an account on any of those services (I have another place I can put photos) so I don’t know very well how they work, but from the previous commentor I gather they give you instructions how to put them in your journal once you open an account with them. Hopefully their instructions will be better than mine!

  3. I, too, use photobucket and LOVE it. If you look at Myspace page, that is how I created my background. Photobucket, free and user friendly. It even makes the HTML code link for you!

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