PCPA; my new life apparently.

SO, apparently I’ll be in “school” with PCPA Tuesday – Sunday 9am ish – 5pmish, and if I’m cast in a play, even if it’s understudy or whatever, rehearsals are expected to be from 7pm ish – 11pmish.  Leaving Monday as the only “dark” day.  the day of rest, of catchup, of errands and so forth.  What the HELL did I get myself into??

I was approved for the BOG so my tuition will be paid for.  I DID end up taking the STUPID START TEST for Financial Aid.  I love that the counselor was like “yah PCPA won’t really care that you take this test, it means nothing to them, but Financial Aid will not help you unless you take it”  So I did and I’m waiting to hear back. 

Anyone know of a place to get student loans? I KNOW I’ll have to to turn to it.  If I was staying at my dadda’s I’m sure it wouldnt’ be that important but that not being the case I’ll need Rent money soon – WAY soon, and gas for my car and making a carpayment without a job won’t be very easy and food and bills at the new house and all these new things. 

Yes I had applied for some other random grants, wrote some short essays too – didn’t do anything though – oh well.

On the upside, I get to hang out with my friends this weekend Dave n Alice and do an Eddie Izzard marathon!, my friend Heather is getting married this sunday, Kaza’s b-day is the 20th, Miguels b-day is also the 20th, I might see another Yankees game next weekend, my co-worker Miss Applesauce (that’s what *I* call her;)  ) gets married the 24th then I see Wicked on the 30th!

Someone remind me to send off my car registration $$ this friday that needs to happen too. 

Have a great day

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