after about 1/2 a bottle of vodka with a co-worker

it was very friendly.  hello how do you do. i just met her and hung out for a bit – he said about the girl in vegas.

I drove to see you, and I adore you – but i’m very sleepy so I need to talk to you more tomorrow if that’s ok.  (i returned his call at 1:45am).

My problem Ethan, is not other girls, I laughed at the idea of them, it’s that YOU are the guy that if you said drop everything in CA and move out here to New York I’D ACTUALLY CONSIDER IT. – He said he was flattered and I said I don’t want you to be flattered I want you to know you’re a jack ass for making me feel this way.  He laughed and said you’re so cute when you’re a little drunk (I hate that I called him being typsy like this)

Tell me you love me

You know I love you

Bla bla bla, you’re an ass

he laughed – I’ll talk to you tomorrow before you have to sport.. . what time do you have to work


I’ll call you before then dear

Yah whatever, tell me you adore me

You know I adore you, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow

Bla, good night Ethan

Goodnight Aiyani


– someone take my phone away when I’ve been drinking,  I love being me – er wait…..NO I DON’T

ps.  on August 5, 2005 I deleted the message Brandt Michaels left for me on my cel phone June 8, 2003 at 3 am.  I felt no loss nor any sense of release.  Guess it was just the right time to do so.

pps.  Today is Riley Jones’ b-day.  le sigh – I called a few times, no answer.  He’s in Connecticut for now then home to Redding, CA then to Hawaii for about 3- 4 weeks then back home.  I may go and visit after his return.

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  1. never use the phone after drinking unless you are calling for a ride…..thats from my own personal experience

  2. Noooooooooooooooooooo!! The Drunken Phone Call!!!
    Oh and congrats on the deletion.

  3. Oh crap man, sorry AI, I guess I should have grabbed the phone! But then again, most people tend to be less-inhibited when drunk, it just gives ya that little kick to do what u really want

  4. Cosmo-
    Hey I was reading this girly mag at work-(Nothing else to read) But I did learn alot. they had 3 pages on drunk phone call’s. I guess girls do that stuff alot. Just thought you should know your normal. hope to see you soon.

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