Tech Week = “I’ll get my shoes” – Aiyani

Bryn, our lovely Babette and Assistant Choreographer would often decide to step out of Be Our Guest, and Human Again and ask me to stand in for her which gave me enough time to say “i’ll get my shoes” then RUN to my shoes, put them on and RUN to her entrance spot in enough time to pop my hips roll my shoulders a couple times, roll my head a few times, and jump up a few times to get blood pumping then I was on.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it.  There of course is something magical about being front and center infront of 450 people that just sends my blood rushing through my body a little faster than normal.  Plus it gives me a great idea of spacing for everyone else I’m understudying as well. 

Tonight was the first preview.  Lovely, just lovely.  I’ll probably sit in the house every night ( I think I have to anyways as a swing, at least for this particular show I believe all the swings are supposed to stay put in the theatre) and every night I’ll laugh when Gaston knocks Lefou in the face, when Monsier D’Arque sings “i’ll be strapping up an inmate. . . ” and I’ll get chills when I hear certain songs.  Lumiere steals the show at moments, in a perfect way.  His lines are great and Andy Philpot is brilliant in his delivery.  Dana (Belle) has what I’m going to call the “ideal” voice.  This is solely my opinion, but there’s something more than wonderful about her voice.  Its pure and angelic with character and she seems so at peace in her body when she sings, its really a joy to watch her.  Roddy the dancing Rug is everything a dancing rug should be sometimes I think he really is flying in the air not just jumping or flipping.  The Napkins Can-Can is energetic and fun to watch (i don’t want to do it. . . but its fun to watch)

Tomorrow is the second preview, and our official opening is saturday the 12th and it runs til December 22nd.  Find a way to see it, Pick a day to see it, really don’t miss this, I can in no way guarantee you’ll see me perform, but I’ll guarantee that you’ll see a truly magical performance.

We had the week off of school for tech week, that’s what you get in a performance driven college, and classes start up again next week.  I have some homework to catch up on,  plays to read for History (took my midterm last saturday, I HOPE I PASSED – bla) lines to read for a scene.  I better get to it.

Come see Beauty and the Beast.

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  1. Harmony and I will be there to see it some night. I don’t know what night, but we’ll make it down there.

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