Ladies and Gentlemen

“And out of no where leaving his home in PA to play guitar in NY Matt O’Brien pops onto the music scene with a boyish look to catch anyone’s eye twice and a voice to match.  The simplicity yet specificity of his lyrics and music blend together to what this fan would call John Mayer meets Darren Hays (Savage Garden).  Allthough a part of me wants a bit more intensity, not alot – just a bit, the comfort zone handed over from this boy next door is sure to warm you this winter, keep you bopping next spring, be your best friend during summer break, and keep you company in the fall when schedules and routines are again required.  The sound of his breathy voice is somewhere between –the one you love’s sexy tone at the other end of the line –, and –your best friend that calls you at 3am to make sure you’re awake for your 5am flight to come and visit–.  His music compliments his voice, his voice compliments his music – run, don’t walk, run and find ‘the blue in the black’ written,composed and performed by new artist Matt O’Brien.

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