Gettin’ There

So. . . we’ve been here what. . 2 weeks? 99% of the boxes are unpacked. We ordered a new bedroom set and a new couch from Ashley’s Furniture and it will be here 9/13/07. We’ve gone grocery shopping I know where 10 different Starbucks’ are and I successfully transferred to one in Oceanside (4 miles away). We have a Ralphs and and Albertsons right across the street, there are day spas and nail places around. I know where the Target and Wally World is, the Bed Bath and Beyond, the Linens and things, Lowes, Home Depot we even have a water park called WAVE a couple miles away from us. Opened only during the summer months and the weekends during September, but its still there. I know how to get to the mall the movie theatre and I know which way is north and south and east and west I can even get myself to my in-laws house on my own now.

I updated all my information for some places to submit myself for TV/Film and commercials and print work and theatre and I’ve hung pictures on the wall of my friends and family. I contacted my manager at Global One and they are glad I’m back in the area and ready to go out and audition again. I called my old agent, whom I haven’t spoken to since jan/feb this year to ask if they still wanted to represent me, they were patient while I was in school and would call and check in to see if I wanted to go out and audition but we all know how strict PCPA was and how disciplined I needed to make myself to get up and go to school instead of ditch and go to an audition. My agent has picked up other clients within my market and does not want there to be a conflict of interest when sending their client out by representing me. I am okay with this. They were good to me when I lived here, and were patient when I asked to be inactive. It’s now up to me with the help of Global One to find new representation. All though we all know the goal is to be with CAA (Creative Artists Agency) there are steps I need to take.

I need to make sure I’m at the top of my game as far as my market goes, my look my skills etc

I joined Curves. In my life I have tried the following Nutritional Programs and Fad Diet Pills (in no particular order):
* South Beach Diet
* Weight Watchers
* Slim Fast
* Herbalife
* Metabolife
* Xenadrine
* Trim Spa
* Rapid (something) with Hoodia
* Green Tea Tablets

Gyms I’ve gone to:
* Pismo Beach Athletic Club
* Kennedy Club Fitness
* Bally’s
* Golds
* 24 Hour Fitness

Personal Trainers:
* Randy Bear
* Jon Trainer (Okerblom)
* Michael (something)
* Jeremy (something)
* John (something)

Why I remember these names I have no idea. . .

so NOW, I’m going to try Curves. Tomorrow I talk to them about their programs as far as food goes. She said they have a couple and they can talk to me about my goals so they get me on the right program and I’m going to try it. The difference for me is feeling that now it is a necessity. That for a while my appearance was acceptable to all and that’s fine and they think I’m pretty, or curvy, or rubenesque (sp?), or gorgeous but did it get me the kind of work I wanted? Nope. What will? perhaps a different kind of confidence. A different kind of energy, a different goal, a different drive a better reason to get up. Maybe the stakes are higher now, or my intentions are clearer, or where I am in life and where I have been are all adding up to now and I finally get it. Well, maybe at least I think I get it.

After I talk with Curves girls tomorrow, and they are closed monday I will go in next tue/thur/sat
They want 3 days 30 minutes a day. When i went yesterday my heart rate definately got up there and today i’m sore. On my other days I think I’ll go swimming in our pool, or for a walk with Cleveland or do my windsor pilates. I’m thinking about finding a dance studio to take some more ballet classes at to keep on top of my basic skills etc and I’ve been throwing around the idea of taking a new style of martial arts. All in all, I think this will all be good.

I may even take pictures and post them – MAYBE. For some reason if I post pics then the stakes get higher for me and you to see a difference. And I want to journal about how i feel, and any changes in inches I lose and what not. I don’t know if i’ll do that journalling here, but I will for sure post updates, maybe even measurements – again it ups the stakes. And if I have more people out there who know about it, then they may be in support of me.

Houston there is no problem, but we are altering our approach.

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  1. You can always post things privately if you want them to be in this journal but don’t want to share.
    You know, I really admire you. You are always so confident and assured. When I first met you, and first heard you referred to as Princess Aiyani, I said, “You’re not a princess, you’re a queen.” From the look on your face when I said that, I gathered it was not taken well, but I really did mean it in a positive way. Allow me to now clarify: You have a mature regality. You have a confidence and poise befitting of a queen, one who has had practice (or perhaps, as in your case, a natural gift) with confidence and poise.
    To me, “princess” is a title befitting one who has the potential of regality. “Queen” is a title befitting one who has achieved it.
    I of course do not insist that you adopt my definitions of the two terms, but after all these years, I have worried–based on your expression when I said that–that you might have interpreted some other meaning from my words. I don’t know what other interpretation that might have been, but in any case, even if you don’t remember it at all, I want you to know what I meant by it.

  2. good for you!
    I know that my health/weight was dramatically affected when I got out of school! I’ve been trying to go to the gym and really push myself because (for me) it’s disapointing to have achieved some measure of fitness and then in the span of 3 months let i all go to hell! I’m mostly on track now and even if I didn’t lose a pound (I don’t weigh myself) I know I feel better about myself when I’m active!
    and as for posting you can make those entries private, or friends only or even filter them so only certain people can view them. I once read an entry that was filtered only for my eyes.

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