So…….I went to Curves probably a total of 10 times, you know – maybe even less. Yes I got my heart rate up and bla bla bla. But I got bored, what can I tell you. There’s only so many times I can be interested to “change stations” (Curves is circuit training, so every 30 seconds there is a recorded voice that says “Change Stations” And I did, and whatever – but I just. . . got. . . bored. I didn’t feel motivated to go. I wanted to actually get on an ellyptical machine, or lift some dumbells, or even get on a treadmill and walk on a 7% incline – all of which are not available at a circuit training based “gym.” I guess its not really a gym, its just . . . I don’t know it is a workout facility, it just doesn’t have what I’m looking for. But at least I tried it, and now I know (. . . “and knowing is half the battle)

Having said that I joined a 24 hour fitness in Carlsbad, it’s about 7 or so miles away, not far at all and it is my kind of gym. the music playing (even though I tend to drown it out with my iPod it gives me comfort to know it’s there), the clinging of free weights, the sound of many ellyptical machines, cycles, stairmasters and treadmills going at someone’s pace. . . and if you open a door the smell of a pool and spa and a sauna fill your nostrils. I would have actually worked out today after signing up, but I wasn’t in proper clothes. =) A gym that has a mini store to purchase their logo clothes and other workout attire, or perhaps some power bars and protein shake mix. A gym with a shower and a locker room, a gym with a valted ceiling and yes even the smell of people sweating and the sound of sneakers rubbing the floor made me feel more at home. I will start anew tomorrow by weighing myself again, taking my measurements and new pictures and of course, going to my new gym

Good news is tomorrow I will know if I will be able to get my health benefits again through the Green Apron. One has to average 20 hours a week per quarter to keep their eligibility, which was not possible during my two years at PCPA, so yay.

Cleveland started at his new job today at Fry’s Electronics. He’s just a cashier but when something on the floor becomes available in a department he wants he can apply and will probably get it because he already works there, again – yay.

I think that’s it for now

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  1. hi
    It’s just nice to hear that life is happening to you and not running you over.
    Oh, and your userpic is lovely.

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