Dear John

Dear John (Mayer for those of you not in the know),

(sung as atonal as possible, because that’s more memorable)
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to John
Happy Birthday to You.

Every year John I’ve sung for you, baked for you and had others who didn’t even know who you were sing for you. This year the only difference was I didn’t bake – I figured since you can’t come over (as usual) to enjoy the cake, or cupcakes, or cookies that I would have to eat them all, and if you’ve bothered reading my last blogs you’ll gather that I’m trying to lose weight – not gain more.

So I hope you had fun, I hope you drank and sang and madeout with someone hot (the new girl I approve of by the way – I know you called me the other day wondering and I didn’t get back to you, so there you go) I’d like you both to come see the new apartment and sit on the new couch when you can. =)

At any rate I hope to hear from you soon, and I’ll try to get to a concert next year, couldn’t go this year.

Love you,

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