I haven’t written in a while, other than the "i’m moving to France" and that might change to London, actually.  None the less – big change.

Aside from that. I am "eh"

*  Work is exTREMELY slow, I need clients like no body’s business.
*  I am the largest / fattest i have EVER been in my life.  Even larger than my burbank stint
*  Mr. man and I were fine, then we weren’t, then we were, now we’re not – we’ll see what the next step is.  Relationships are hard and I have no patience and I’m detached and depressed and all of those things, awesome.
*  I have no motivation to do much, I lack drive.  I get excited about something, then I lose my excitement.  Now the tricky part is I don’t necessarily FEEL depressed, but I think I am.  I went through a different kind of depression last year, this is all different.  I feel content, then I don’t, then I do.
*  My immune system is horrid, I’m sure that has something to do with my weight issue as well.  another "joy"
*  I’m bored.

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  1. try spin classes. seriously. i’ve been doing them twice a week at kennedy club fitness in AG (along with only a moderate amount of diet alteration) and have dropped some serious poundage. i can’t recommend this enough.

  2. My beautiful sister,
    I was dusting my apartment the other day and I really looked at something that I see every day but forget to really think about and consider. It’s the picture of you and me in Seussical next to the mini collage I did that says “GO.” I love you and you can do anything you set your mind to. I know it and somewhere inside of you, you know it too. I love you.
    Anna Ashford

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