a little discouraged.

I interviewed twice with ladies from Sephora, for a retail position, and I received a postcard that pretty much said "thanks for applying, but we hired someone else, Love Sephora."

I really need either MORE CLIENTS (which is ideal), or another job that is hourly because I need the guaranteed income.  I really need to start making payments to my credit cards and student loans.  

It’s REALLY hard right now just keeping my cel phone turned on, paying my rent at the salon, and having money to buy supplies for waxing and paying for the facial products etc.  

I’m getting really discouraged.  I’ve made up some specials for the summer to try to drive some more clientele my way, but I really need more money.  I’m lucky to be living in a rent free situation providing I am helpful with the cleaning and making food for the kids and stuff.  I’m lucky to have a family and friends that help if they can, when they can – but money is tight for everyone.  

Some friends have suggested a sort of mobil service for facials, and I’m gonna see if I can do that.  It would be hard to tote around products and supplies and my massage table and mini steamer, but if I can get some clients it may be worth it.  I’d have to charge them gas money too…these are just things I’m thinking about. 

I’m available Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Wednesday if you hear of anything, or have any ideas for me to get some work.   

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  1. No ideas for increasing your income, but one for decreasing your expenses: look into prepaid cell phone plans. I have one with T-Mobile that runs me about $9 a month–though that is because I don’t “chat” on it. (I don’t really “chat” on the phone at all, most of the time.) I pay 10 cents a minute and I think 5 cents a text message. Most people seem to use their cells more than I do, but if you look at your typical usage and figure out what those rates would cost you a month, you’ll get a pretty good idea whether it’s cost effective to switch.
    One drawback, when you’re already under financial stress, is that to get those rates you have to pay $100 up front. That buys you 1000 minutes, though each text message reduces your minutes, of course. But it really pays off in the long run if you are not a big cell phone user.

  2. sephora is scarey.. I went in there with my (ex)girlfriend to get something for her sister’s birthday and i swear everyone who worked there looked like a moving and talking mannequin
    like when they’re bored they do each others make up, over and over and over again till 4 pm they’re so caked in product they no longer look real….
    I’ve vowed that like lompoc, and alameda, sephora is someplace i will NEVER go again.

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