I’m still alive.

I went to the gym and actually worked out today, it felt nice to stretch my body was pleased, and then it hated me when I had pizza rolls at 10:30 at night.  oh well – tomorrow is another day

This sunday is my last day cleaning the doctors office, so I"ll be down to 2 jobs.  That will be nice, but still alot.  5 days at the hotel and 2 days at the salon.  At least til busy season is over.  then back to 3 days at the salon, hopefully the clientele will pick up when college people come back.

We had our read thru for The Mousetrap, I think it will be fun and cute.  I’ve never done anything at the Pewter Plough Playhouse in Cambria, its a quant little theatre and I get to use a british accent.  sweet.  We are still, actually, looking for another male for a fairly large part.  We’ll see what comes up.

I think I’m going to audition for Oliver! as well when it comes up.  auditions are tentatively planned for around the same time the Mousetrap opens, so it will be different.  But I’m not physically prepared for the role, hence the gym excursion today.  I haven’t danced or been active since I left school 2 1/2 years ago and although a 4-6 weeks is not enough time to become the best everything, it will help my body remember how to move and maybe want to do more of it.  

Mr. Man is up north taking care of the roommate changeover in the house he’s renting out, and he’s gonna work with this brother for a few days so he’s gone until next week.

Today I got paid from the hotel and then paid rent for roxy salon, and registered my car and paid my accountant for doing my taxes, and now I have about $20 left.  cool.

Mr. Man and another friend of mine are looking for a place to live.  LIke a 2bed/2bath or 2bed/1 bath.  We’ve looked at a few places but nothing that works for all of us yet, but I know we’ll find something.

I miss cincinnati, alot.

I closed my myway and excite email accounts today.  forwarded all the messages I wanted to keep over to my gmail account so I still have them.  I kept some I couldn’t let go of, surprisingly.  Like some of the back and forth kaza and I had during our fall out.  A couple from my mom, stuff like that.  bla bla bla.

aaaaaaaand i’m tired and get up in 6 hours to work at the hotel.  then the gym, or a nap then gym.  but either way, tomorrow is a gym day.  dammit!!  

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  1. my dear, why are you paying someone to do your taxes? florida taxes are pretty simple… is cali complicated? diy and save the cash next year!

    • no it’s better to have someone do it. Especially now that I am self-employed. I worked for her for a year so she gives me a nice deal AND i did try to do it on my own, and the forms i needed were not available. boo.

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