job stuff again

Hotel A offered me a position at their property in Cambria at Hotel C, but I declined the offer because the gas prices and mileage.  100 Miles round trip, 5 days a week.  And I waited to hear from Hotel D.

Today Hotel D sent me an email saying thanks for interviewing but we went with another candidate.

I am again sad face and trying to get my resume out there and get either a 3rd part time job, or a full time job in lieu of the hotel I am currently working for.

In other News:
We are having a Halloween/House warming party at my new house ON Halloween, all are invited.  We will have some snacks and drinks, but please bring some too.  I’ll send you my address if you are truly interested in joining in on our fun.  

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  1. i’m guessing carrie and i will be at the party. is it costume-oriented?

  2. I’m interested!
    It’s nice to see you hosting something dear. Rebeka and I are interested in coming. One question regarding costumes and drinks. Is this family friendly or grown up only dear? Would I bring booze, or sodas. Can the costumes be R rated or should they be G rated?

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