Date with Daaaannnaa

My friend Daaaaaaannnnaa was in town today.

She actually flew in early yesterday morning to see her brother and his family.  He too lives in Washington Heights so we were able to set a time for us today to get together and play.  I haven’t seen her in about a year.  After going to bed at 5am and setting my alarm for 10:30am I woke up and took a shower and flat ironed my hair, just for you Daaaannaa! hahah  She sent me EXCELLENT directions and I left the house at 12noon for my first outing all by myself!  I took the 1-Train and transferred to the A-train.  Which was not an easy task for a first timer.  If I didn’t have such great directions I would’ve got lost for sure.  After getting off the 1-train I had to go up stairs down a hall into an elevator then down another hall and over a platform for the A-train.  It was a labyrinth, at least it felt like one.  But I got to my train, I exited on the right stop and walked the correct blocks and turned down the right streets and found where she was just fine.

We walked.  up.  some. stairs.  GOOD LORD hahaha and went to a cute little restaurant and got some food.

I ordered an omelet with onion, tomato, bacon, mushrooms and cheddar chez.  She got a burger and I don’t remember actually seeing it, show either devoured it, or I was too engrossed in telling my story, or maybe both scenarios are true!  We finished up our food and walked around a bit, found a starbucks and got a

drink and walked over to a little park.

I have found that a “park” in NY is a piece of some small land that is fenced off with benches.  So, we found a park and sat and enjoyed our beverages.  We talked about family, men, school – everything!  And the birds were also very intrigued with our conversations.  They kept getting closer and closer and at one point a bird flew between our faces while we were talking to each other.  And, guilty – we both screamed a bit.  We were both so startled!  And then laughter ensued.  Cute little bird,  scared the b’GEEZUS out of us.  HAHAHAHAHA

We walked around a bit more, she took me to the post office, I needed to get some stuff! and we walked back to her brothers apartment.  All in all we spent about 3 1/2 hours together catching up and it was GREAT.  She looks AMAZING, she sounds great AND she lives in Florida still, which means we are on the same time zone and more importantly I can get on a plane for cheap and go visit, and we are going to go to D

isney World!  I don’t know when, hopefully this Fall!  And by then I believe The Guttersons will be in Florida,

I don’t know where but if it’s anywhere in the vicinity I could possibly get to the see them, and Baby Sam as well!!

So I hugged Daaannaa bye and headed back to the subway.

It’s interesting how different some of the um…tracks?  halls?  ceilings? …look.  Some of them look like once upon a time they may have actually been quite beautiful.  Shrug.  So I got back home safe, ALL BY MY SELF.  Ro congratulated me and Antoan gave me a small applause and I felt accomplished a bit.  I of course don’t know my way around EVERYWHERE, but it’s nice to know I was able to follow simple directions even though I didn’t really understand them. . .

And if all goes well tomorrow, I will have an actual bed vs a futon mattress on the floor.  I’m lucky enough to have this so far, but I will be more happy when I have an actual bed.

AND, K found me an Indian restaurant near by to try and it hit the spot in my tummy.  I had to walk a about 12 or 13 blocks but it was good for $9.07  and I’m sure I’ll visit them again.  AND if I ever feel REALLY lazy I can take the train and it drops me off right near the place. muuahahaha.  Thanks Honey!  You take such good care of me, even from far away.

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  1. Hey there…I figured it out. Cool! Totally fun to hear your stories. I will keep checking on you. Love ya! Devon

    ps Rik said HI

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