last day, first day

My last day at the restaurant will be Sunday June 6th.  It’s just not for me, for a few reasons. Ro has apologized over and over, which we end up laughing at, because the restaurant was not crazy until I got there.  At first I’d say I guess I just brought the crazy with me, but really – I think the gods and goddesses don’t want me to be a server.  There isn’t anything wrong with it (present restaurant experience excluded), I understand you can make good money at it but I’m really just not cut out for it.  It’s almost like I needed to experience to prove it to myself because saying it just wasn’t enough anymore.  I’ve gone to restaurants, many many times I watch how servers have to multi task from simple things, to crazy things, and they have to remember to much about each person and table.  If I see a server en route to something I’m scared to stop them because what if I ruin their train of thought, then they forget something, then they get yelled at by Mr. Grumpy-pants because they forgot to bring over a straw for his water.  What then?  No. No I’m definitely not cut out to be a server.  Thank you to all my friends who are servers, or had been at some point.  Your stories are true, and even though they didn’t save me from my own experience, I appreciate them and it makes me a better tipper when I go out to eat.

On a less-mean note, the past few times I’ve worked it has been easier.  Less tables help, but even then I can get confused and overwhelmed and know that I’m not moving fast enough.  But none the less, it was a bit easier.

In other news, after work last night Ro and I with a couple other co-workers went to have a couple drinks.  We went to the Lennox Lounge on …Lennox , hahah, and it was air conditioned which was great because even at 10pm it was 90 degrees out and humid.  Eew.  And i’m told it will only get worse, but I’m still gonna say eeeeeewwwww EVERY TIME.  So we went to Lennox and I had two strawberry margaritas, it was margarita night I had decided.  There was live jazz music and it smelled like cornbread.  Which seemed appropriate since every time a waitress/server walked by she was holding a plate of a piece of cornbread.  I looked at Andrew (co-worker, and we like him so he’s a friend too) and said if she walks by one more time I’m bogarting the cornbread off the plate and eating it like nothing happened.  Funny, she never walked by again with cornbread….  After Lennox we went to “Toast” a sort of…Diner and Bar.  I enjoyed a Danish burger with a caesar salad and another margarita.  Apparently it was named Danish burger because it was stuffed with blue cheese.  Go ahead and run with that one.  hahahah  Toast is located on 105th and Broadway, and at midnight it was still 90 and humid.  Although, down a couple blocks and across the street  is the “Restaurant” that Seinfeld always shows and I instantly thought of my dear friend Ethan (lives here in NY, known him for ….6..years?) because he was the first person to show the restaurant to me. I remember him sort of going “ta-da” almost when we had turned the corner once, while walking about, and I saw RESTAURANT all lit up in red neon and I went…”restaurant.” and looked at him like…what?  And he just responded with “Seinfeld?” and I said, oh…I ‘ve never watched it.  He forgave me, and since then, Yes – I have seen a few episodes.  So get off me.  =)

After Toast Andrew went home, drunk I think.  That’s fun most of the time, and he seemed like a happy drunk.  Tania, other co-worker headed home and Ro and I went to The Liar, or the full title of that bar is The Four Faced Liar, and Matt came out and met us there.  I had another margarita but couldn’t finish it.  I was really tipsy and wanted to go home and sleep.  But I hung out for a bit and then eventually said my goodbyes and headed to the train.  The C Train took me from West 4th, to 155th.  And I had my book with me, thanks to K for buying it and Nahnnah reminding me to take it with me always.

Tomorrow I get my hair colored for free.  HOW??? you say.  She’s a student and needs the practice and it’s just my roots (unless I go back to dark brown/black)  so, shrug.  I appreciated it when people came to my school, and it’s free.  And i’m poor.

Today I was not terribly productive but I did sweep a bit, and go the store for some food.  And toilet paper.  4 adults, and we went through 10 rolls of toilet paper in a week.  wow.

And, in news that maybe SHOCKING to some, I will be returning to the Green Apron.  Yes ladies and gents I re-applied and was re-hired to Sport The Green Apron and will be working in the Macy’s on 34th street.  There are 4 green aprons in the Macy’s so I don’t know which one I’ll be in, but I’ll be there none the less.  I’m sad I got rid of all 4 of my aprons, I’m sad I have to spend money to buy appropriate green apron attire, but I am glad I have a job that will be “easy” since it’s not super duper new to me, it’s familiarity will be a nice addition to the craziness that I am still trying to transition to, it will be a regular paycheck and providing I work enough hours; health insurance could be in my future.  Now even if I don’t get covered there, I can get covered through a program at school, but either way I’ll be able to get my eyes checked, among other important things I need coverage for.  So I’m happy about that.  Ro hopes I get a Macy’s discount – I don’t know yet if I do hahaha but we’ll see.  I start back with them on Tuesday, the woman who interviewed me had such a “typical” New York accent I almost started to talk like her, but I made myself pay attention to what I was doing.

I don’t know if I will also continue to seek out more work.  I would like to wait until school starts and get a feel for carrying the school and work load before taking on something supplemental, but I do need to eat and pay my rent so we shall see.

hmmmm this Ricola I’m sucking on has a first ingredient of Sugar listed, that’s no good.

OH YAH, Why do i suck on Ricola today you ask??? Because I have a cough.  I have HAD a cough since I moved here.  My allergies (which I’ve only had for a year) are adjusting and I’m getting new ones too.  So the new air, and pollen, and dirt, and dust, and car smog, and smoke – ugh…smoke, and cigars and laundromats and sewers and trees and …I don’t know , it all makes me cough.  I take Aller-tec, thank you Nahnnah, and it helps with other symptoms of my allergies, but the coughing is difficult.  And it hurts, and it’s constant.

And I need to be adjusted, BADLY.  My back is so achey.  My neck hurts, my lower back hurts when I walk, when I bend down to put stuff in the trash, when lay down, when I sit down, when I stand up – and yes….I’m sure this also has to do with my weight…thank you, but i DO need to get adjusted and hopefully by next weeks paycheck i’ll be able to do just that.

My room is coming together.  I have a queen size bed, and a desk and I have a calendar up.  I need some shelves for my DVD’s to get out of their boxes and I need to have some pictures printed so I can frame them and put ’em up.  I’d have someone send the ones I have but that’s too expensive right now.  I can just have some printed up.  I also got some prints from when K and I did our little lovey dovey portrait session.  That’s what I call it.  Our Lovey Doves session.  And I need to put a couple of those up too.  I like having pictures of people I love up so I can look at them whenever I want.

mmmmmm That’s it, OH and Financial Aid from Marymount keeps sending me a letter saying the only piece of information they need is a copy of any child support I received. I must have missed something. . .

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  1. Caitlin Moore

    HAHAAHAHAA! Child support? Really? They must have their wires crossed!

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