it is the little things

In the midst of my…repair…is it were I have neglected to share what I have done while here. Granted, it won’t be a long fun story, but it’s what I’ve done none the less. And I want to remember it, so I put it here, and some people even want to read it, so it’s here.

Last week on Concrete Jungle I, Princess Aiyani (and to the newbies it has become Empress Aiyani – sounds more cold and lonely and …separated than princess, which is where I am now…) wanted to find my own coffee mug. Yes. There is coffee in the house brewed every day. And when I’m here in the mornings, I like to have a cup with fun creamer. I left my fun mug in Nipomo where the Gutterson’s used to reside, (and for now they are in Florida and my maamm is there), so I needed one here. I googled Goodwill and found one about 15 blocks away. So I got on a bus and took a ride. When I got off the bus it looked and smelled like Mexico. Take that how you want to. The last time I went was in 2001 or something so that’s all I’m going off of. People on the streets selling stuff, it was hot, and smelled like alcohol and hot sauce and beans. I walked and found the “Super Goodwill” and immediately thought “oh good” its going to be a huge goodwill with all kinds of crap I can look at. I love crap. I walk in and the top floor is clothes. And I can see the back wall from the front door, it’s not big in here. hmmm.. I head down the stairs (as we have learned nothing in New York is big horizontally, everything goes up and down in a vertical matter) and see 1 shelf of books, dvds, cd and tape cassettes and vhs’ – yah. I see shoes and I see a huge aisle of toys and then the kitchen ware. There are three aisles, which is deceiving, because everything is spread out over them. There is a very slim selection and I do a walk through each aisle before committing. I find options such as….

Neither of which I actually enjoyed but got a good chuckle out of it.

I did however find something I would enjoy.  Something that I love, and made me smile.  And a bonus on this one.  It was marked $.99 and the guy charged me $.54

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