Now that I have begun

Alright.  This semester I’m taking:

Stage Management

Acting II

Intro to Logic

Voice & Speech II


Totaling 15 credits.  After the first “initial” week, I’ll explain that in a minute, I emailed the head of the theatre department and asked if I could add a class.  Mondays and Tuesdays I’m at the school for …ever, with long breaks so I thought why not throw in another class?  He informed me that 15 credits is the most I can take (until second semester then I can add 1 more class, but I have to have attended and complete 1 semester first before I’m allowed to add).  Now, I sent him this end of the week last week.  I had not at that time been to my stage management class or intro to logic class.  After completing the past two days (wherein I have been to each class at least once, I have 2 classes that meet twice a week) I don’t …reeeeaaallly know what I was thinking.  NOW, before you go “yah aiyani 15 credits is full time, ease up” I’d like you to keep in mind that at PCPA I had 21-22 credits per semester.  Met 6 days a week for an average of 10 hours a day.  Then I’d go home, do homework and get up and keep at it.  I did not work (too much) while attending PCPA.  There just wasn’t any time for it.  I was still sporting the green apron, once a week and of course for the summer and holidays, I was THAT kind of employee at that time.  THIS time around, I work more.  I have to.  There is no getting around the fact that I will have to work full time AND go to school full time.  Now, STILL that is not too much to me, where my issues or stress or whatever you want to call it is building is ALL THE FREAGING READING I HAVE TO DO.

Plays and handouts for Stage Management

Plays for acting (duh), as well as journaling about what I’ve read, and work in class. And not just the plays *I* will be working on, all the plays that will be in production at the school, and all the plays other students in my class will be working on

Chapters and handouts for Logic.  Professor Logic also said the word “variables” the other night in class and my mind sunk to 9th grade geometry and the defeat began to take over.

Writing we have 3 books we have to get, and we get 2-4 handouts a week that are 10-12 pages in length front and back that I have to read and journal about solo, then journal again after class discussion, including essay outlines, summaries, drafts and final drafts

The WRITING slash journaling or typing will be the death of me.  I can only say I’m so …SO glad I took a typing class in High School because I would drown so fast here.  So not only is there lots and lots of reading, there is “reflecting” and journaling for each class, there is homework and a lot of it.  There are prop lists to write and scene breakdowns to create after I’ve read the play at least three times.  There will soon be memorization I have to do, and scene work, and voice & speech work.  I have to get GRAPH paper for my Logic class.

And lets not forget I have to carry my computer bag, purse and duffle bag to and from.  Computer and cords, binders, scripts, books, course packs (photo copies of stuff used in a class that is bound into a folder like thing for the class) notebooks, purse things, clothes for work or school depending on which is first, work shoes too, and I haven’t even TRIED to take gym clothes or go.   Im’ already in pain from the weight of this decision, the literal weight; from school stuff to work stuff.  I’m not actually sure there is enough time in my week to work and get all my assignments done for my classes.  I’m so absolutely baffled.  And standing at the bus stop tonight at 10pm I realized when winter comes, it will only get worse.  The to and fro, the weight of the bags and then…the chill factor will set in.

I have a headache just from typing this.  I have to try to get 2 assignments done tonight before I go to bed, because NOW is when I have “time” to do it.  sigh.  shrug.

And I have an interview at 9am tomorrow so I need to be out the door by 7:45ish to assure I show up on time, and can find it.  Then I head over to school, then back over to work, then home, then homework. . .

Do not overwhelm yourself.

Stick with one thing at a time, focus on it, give it your time, then move on when it is finished.

Be efficient and organized with your time.

Drink water.

Eat food.

Shower, don’t forget to shower

And at some point, I’ll sleep as well.

“this” is what the build of living in New York is/was for me.  This is what will make my experience different than the friends before me.  School.  And that doesn’t make me better – at all, it just gives different perspective on the “life” i’m going to have here.

take vitamins

wax eyebrows

drink water

eat food

…things I’m just trying to not forget to do with this new schedule.

ps. I’m going to find Spock ears and wear them to my Logic class.  Party.

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  1. You are just exactly as I expected. Take the hard road – do the hard stuff. MAKE it happen. It will. Stay focused. Organize. Prepare. YOU CAN DO IT. You always could, you always can, you always will. Remember “it is okay to fall down when you are trying out new and/or hard stuff – just remember to fall forward.” – the madre

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