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I successfully registered for classes next semester. I need to do something about getting more financial aid though, I can’t make these payments they somehow decided I needed to pay. I was at such a danger in having to drop out this semester, I won’t be able to do it again like this next semester – something has to give.

Classes I have are
1)Acting II
2) Voice & Speech II
3) Writing (requirement)
4) Intro to Philosophy (elective! win!),
5) a math course. UGH. right???

It’s okay, I tried to choose something I could get into and thus chose: Quantitative Reasoning; Games & Puzzles. (Shrug) It made me think of Papa (my mom’s dad) he was always good at stuff like this, and I’m somehow hoping that my logic class will have helped alter my thought process a bit in order to be open to learning more..uh…stuff. I’ll have to take one more science or math class after this one – I’m hoping I can get through this school thing. I have so much to do.

The class I needed to get into was Elements of Directing. But when I went to register it said I needed to finish some pre-requisites, so my advisor was going to fill out a pre-req waiver for me, then the class filled and I couldn’t get on the wait list because the pre-req thing. Timing wasn’t my friend on this one. The school is trying to open another class of it, there are many of us that need it for our theatre degrees, as it is a pre-req for other higher theatre class requirements. Does that even make sense? SO – IF they add a course for Elements of Directing, I’ll be able to get in by “adding” it, and being a more-than-full-time student. Full time is 15 credits, I’m aiming for 18.

After taking Intro to Philosophy I’m going to decide whether or not I will pick up a Minor in Philosophy. (nods) yep. How cool am I? Actor? Philosopher? hhmmm we ALL shall see.


Right now I just can’t get my head wrapped around what I have left to do. I have ..so..SO much reading and writing to do, and not enough time in which to do it – it kind of scares me. I don’t do scared too well, the uh…sense of “overwhelm” is almost paralyzing, so much so that I procrastinate. Not in the way we all know, not because I just put it off or don’t want to – I DO want to do it all, and finish it! I can’t just…start. There’s…so….much! (le sigh)


I got out of the habit of taking my vitamins, I need to reintroduce them to my daily life. I miss oatmeal and have yearning for salads and I miss my time at the gym. I miss “me” time.

In other news I had some drinkies with Ro last night (yes, I see and understand I could’ve used this time for school work, but I don’t do school work at 2 and 3 am…anymore) and, of course, began speaking with my english/british/something-ish accent. But the best part is, I met an man from Ireland who thought I was from England and when i spoke to him how I really talk he said I could just do the “american accent” well, and to tell him where in England I was from. That was fun and good times.

I had too much caffeine today, it made me shaky. I was so tired that I tried to drink some espresso (I will normally have decaf stuff) and I had a total of four shots of espresso and my insides were shaky and I was running into walls and corners and dropping things all day.

I miss playing my piano. Playing just to play, playing just to sing. I miss it. There is a kind of clarity that I can get it to when I sit at a piano and just play. Granted, I’m not brilliant, I can only play what I know – but I still miss it. I can feel it in my skin and body – the loss. I could breath a bit better sitting in front of the keys. And if I don’t continue to play the songs I’ve written, I’ll lose them. I don’t know how to write out music, so if I don’t play it – I’ll lose it.

I want to watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Nik Kershaw is playing on my iTunes. I grew up listening to this guy, Maamm always played him and she would use some of his music for teaching aerobics as well.

I need to renew my CA Esthetician license
I need to get licensed in NY….

I need to sleep. Maybe if I get sleep I’ll be able to focus on reading and writing, and organizing…


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