You’re Listening to: Something’s Missing, by John Mayer

I am in no position to make objective decisions or choices. I am full of emptiness. I know logically that doesn’t make too much sense, but use your emotional side and read that sentence again. Perhaps saying, I feel empty is closer. There is little to nothing I feel like celebrating as the holidays approach, and right now I wouldn’t mind if I woke up and Christmas and New Years had passed and I just had to go to work. I feel like curling up in a ball in the corner of my bed willing myself to dream of that which makes me smile, and lately there is so little that does that I’m sure I’d just fall asleep trying without any real amount of success. It’s a combination of factors, I’m sure–but that doesn’t change the facts.

“And the fact is, I’m no position to do anything but say…”

Something’s Missing”

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