2010 in Review

JANUARY: The turn of the year for 2010 was a difficult one. I finally had rid myself of the wretched mistake I had made, by calling the police on him. I was living with Boyfriend Jenn, who so graciously let me into her home, and cooked amazing food that I got to stuff in my face all the time. Her mister was in Pennsylvania and it worked out for both of us to have company, and it was awesome living with the lil Honeybear! I had auditioned in San Francisco for Marymount Manhattan College in New York and was working at Cory’s office as an Esthetician in AG. I had auditioned for a play called “The Mousetrap,” was cast, and was in rehearsal. It was the first play I had done in three years.

FEBRUARY: “The Mousetrap” was up and running–ran it’s course and we closed after four weeks of shows. Good times. After a hard scene near the end, I’d have a shot of Jameson backstage with the fellow actor in the scene with me. It was our thing. Living with Jenn & Sammy bear in AG, working in AG, I was reading more books, watching more TV shows that Jenn introduced me too. Mardi Gras was fun in Grover at Mongos where the drinkies and singies happened (although this would happen regardless of the festivities…) Amanda & Miranda and I had formed “Club” and watched Glee and were beginning the Sex and the City Marathon in preparation for the second movie release. I remember lots of wine, cheese, crackers, grapes, chips and other munchies.

MARCH: I had received my acceptance letter to Marymount Manhattan College in New York for their BA program for Theatre, with concentrations in Theatre Performance and Directing. The Guttersons (That’s Boyfriend Jenn and her mister, Josh–whom I affectionately call Mr. Gutter) moved from AG to Nipomo and graciously allowed me to accompany them. I hadn’t a place to call home for a few months now, their roof became my home and they humbled me over and over with talk of “this is what family does.” I stayed with them until I moved to NY. March also represented St. Patrick’s day and my immediate fall for a gentleman I’ve known for about ten years. It didn’t last long, but he was everything I wanted–I thought. I was in my third month with a counselor and loving it. My brother, Rik, was (still is) the front man for his band called “Tin Shack,” a Reggae band and they were already playing all over Pismo and Avila. The siblings, and other family, went out to Hoagies one night. They played to a packed pool party. It was pretty sweet.

APRIL: This month was when hugging people began to feel like the last time, for a while and it brought me joy to be moving on and out, but a great sadness to leave my dear and close friends and family behind me in CA. Not one person made me feel guilty or bad for leaving. Every. Single. Person. Hugged me and was proud of me and they let me know it. My sister semi-hosted a birthday/going away party for me and all the family was there. The siblings and parental units and the Guttersons and Honeybear. We had my favorite chicken! and corn! and Jenn made an amazing salad, and Maamm made the traditional Mersai birthday cake of yellow and chocolate swirl with chocolate icing. They sang For-she’s-a-jolly-good-fellow and I didn’t cry one tear, not in front of them… I shipped 15 boxes to NY, and stored another 10 or so to be sent at a later time.

MAY: I was on a plane to NY from Santa Barbara on May 3rd. My Maamm came and picked me up in Nipomo, from the Gutterson’s house, and we drove down to SB. Maamm cried, of course, and I didn’t (not then at least). I arrived and Antoan met me at the airport, and took me home, an hour + train ride later…I was met by Ro and Mattie. I walked into my new room and it was painted a deep shade of purple, I loved it. My boxes were also in my new room. I changed my clothes, and Antoan, Ro and I went to the Four Faced Liar for a drink. I was working at The Restaurant (the real name shall not be revealed) with Ro and getting settled in. All the walking, killed my feet for a while. I was trying to get used to the trains. Also, Daaaannaa visited her brother in NY, and we got to play for a while! I wrote To Be Determined, Chapter two and the gentleman I loved, broke my heart.

JUNE: I successfully left The Restaurant at the same time Ro did. She went on vacay to CA and I landed another job. I bought towels, and a shelf and assembled that shelf in the humid summer that was our living room. The humidity that is the summer in NY was like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was wretched, truly. I slept with a fan, but it wasn’t enough. I was getting more familiar with the trains, and the area, and the busses, and hopstop dot com became my best friend. Homesickness began to settle in. I managed to make myself leave the apartment and traveled to Bryant Park, and the big library, and get a library card and things. Antoan and I went to Pride. Mattie and I went to see Shakespeare in the Park. A score I only made because Ro was sick, I don’t wish her illness, but it was pretty sweet to go! Mattie got Moscato wine and we drank it and watched “The Winter’s Tale.” Ro and I got hammered a few times, coming home when the sun was rising etc. That was awesome. Also, Adam-from-the-band-I-brought-home had toured into NY and Ro and I caught them at Le Poisson Rouge. It was weird to see my friend of 8 years conduct an orchestra of 30 pieces and 5-8 vocalists, it was also fooking…amazing and I loved him all over again, you know–friendly love and stuff. That particular night, Ro and I also traipsed about and wandered into a park where a Michael Jackson tribute was taking place with a piano and percussion and an audience sing-a-long. I’ve heard “Only in New York” many times, this was proof though.

JULY: Tara visited from CA with her son Finn and we met up on the East Side and had pizza. I hadn’t been to the east side yet as of July, so I took my trusty site (hopstop.com) and my mini map of the trains for Manhattan. I only had to walk…a few…avenue size blocks…We had pizza! It WAS delicious. Ro hosted an amazing 4th of July party, complete with fun snackies and Strawberry Mojitos. We took to the roof for Fireworks watching. I had woken up early enough to stand in line at the Today Show to see John Mayer, yes–he’s/his music, is worth it. Get off me, and I even made it on TV for a flash or two. NOW, you’re jealous AREN’T YOU? My cousin, Leah, was visiting NY and she and I were able to meet up and hang out for a while. I had gelato for the first time, it was…divine. Ro and I got gym memberships to Planet Fitness and were hard core goers.

PIC 01

PIC 02

PIC 03

AUGUST: Receives a three-picture representation this year because much happened and I couldn’t decide on just one. Ro threw a super fun party for her birthday. A Studio 54 themed party, and we sported proper attire, as shown in Pic 01. Adam-from-the-band-I-brought-home toured into NY with another band: Jazz Mafia and I got see them AGAIN! I flew down to Florida to visit the newlyweds, The Guttersons, well…they’re really The Moffetts now or Josh n Jenn, but they’ll always be The Guttersons to me. My Maamm also flew out from CA at the same time, so it was family fun! My cousin Jorelle drove in from other parts of Florida and she and Honeybear are sporting their “Palauan Face” in Pic 02. Gelato was found at a store, I think there are only two in Crystal River, FL…and Jenn purchased chocolate Gelato and we ate some and watched a Bones marathon, as seen in Pic 03, followed by House marathon, followed by I don’t know what. There was pool time to be had, zoo time, movie time (Jenn and I saw Eat Pray love) and and and and and…

SEPTEMBER: Orientation, then school started. I had Stage Management I, Acting II, Intro to Logic, Voice & Speech II, and Writing 101. It took me an hour + to get to school from where we live, but I’d rather the trek, than live in a “dorm” like atmosphere with those kids..I love my housemates. I’m so grateful for them. My life was only work, school, and homework. I emailed my Logic Professor weekly with questions regarding formal logic. I didn’t get along with my Writing teacher, I was terrified of my Stage Mgmt class and I felt…old..in my other classes. A shrug here, and a shrug there I suppose. I was distracted by a crush, relieved when I let him know, then at a loss of what to do next.  Also, we had “Family Night Out” and the Housemates went to a comedy club, hence the pic of Antoan and I. We had drinkies and laughies. Although…some of those comics…were…not…funny…other’s were HILARIOUS.

OCTOBER: School. Work. Home..work. That was my life.  John turned 33, and I didn’t bake anything this year, sad panda. I was briefly side tracked by a gent I met whilst out and about with Ro-Bear for our Margarita madness evening. Tequila is POISON I tell you!!! We called him Minnesota, cause that’s where he was from. He and I went on a couple impromptu dates and maybe one “real” one, then he just disappeared. Shrug. I experienced my first “season change” and just baffled by it. Trees? Colors? Hmm?? I was acquainted with the trains and busses *I* took by now, enough so that I could give people directions. I felt like I was slowly becoming someone who “lived here” versus someone who “just moved here.” No Halloween party, and I was absolutely okay with that.

NOVEMBER: Midterms. Yikes. Nah, I was fine, at least I felt I did well enough to say “I was fine.” Some classes I had over 100%, others I seemed to struggle in still. Fear not, though–I made it through the semester. I was making strides in my acting class with vulnerability and fell in love with a song called “Stereo Love.” Ro went to CA for Thanksgiving, and Mattie, Antoan and I had a turkey dinner at home. I made mashed potatoes and attempted stuffing. The mashed potatoes were a win, the stuffing was…not..a win. It was my first go, so not all is lost. Also, had a brief encounter with a gent we call “The Russian” as I met him on the train and felt so comfortable with him, oddly enough, that I gave him my name and number and met up with him a couple times. Being around him felt like being around an old friend, even though we had just met. He wanted to kiss me all the time though, and I just wasn’t into that with him. So, he went away, and that was okay. Ro and I continued our Girls Night Out evenings, sometimes coming home when the sun came up, sometimes earlier. And I found out I lost 20 pounds since moving to NYC. Sweet Sauce.

PIC 01

PIC 02

DECEMBER: It’s my blog, I’ll post multiple shots if I want! December brought unfiltered ramblings and the closing to my first semester. Sacrifices were made via homework, I caught a cold that lasted 2 weeks, fever fluxed. Last day of class was December 22nd. I was unable to go home to CA. Ro hosted yet ANOTHER fabulous party full of delicious snacks and three holiday beverages: Peppermint Mudslides, Mulled Wine, and Spiced Rum & Cider. I took to three costume changes for the party, sporting dresses and heels and make up with fun hair. I remember not wanting to attend feeling terribly depressed about a few things, and Ro bought me a dress and shoes specifically for the party, immediately changing my mind. She’s such a great friend, and housemate. The Housemates spoiled me with presents, even with a special research project to find Whitmans chocolate, a holiday tradition in my home. My Auntie Barbs also played and sent me a Whitmans Chocolate Sampler to keep my tradition alive. Then I had Christmas via Group Video Chat with my family in CA, and my Auntie Barbs & Uncle Glenn in MO (pic 02). Ro got Antoan a kitten for Christmas…I don’t know what to do there…hahahahah

I ended this year at home, on the couch with a bottle of wine. Sporting a tank top, then a long sleeve shirt over it, and my new jammie pants my sister sent me. The red ones with the reindeer on them. The Housemates, awake, and chatting once in a while, made it feel homey. I cheers’d Ro and Mattie, hugged Antoan and gave him a little smooch and am now eating ramen, with an egg in it.  This year brought new, important, people in my life and I look forward to what else comes of everything.

I’m grateful for many, many people. Old and new friends.

My 2010 Goals were:

1) Be successful at Cory’s office doing Skin Care
2) Take better care of myself Mentally, Physically and Emotionally
3) Audition successfully for the colleges and be accepted…AND get money to pay for it either with grants, scholarships and student loans or from the lottery of some sort
4) Continue to read and exceed the amount of books I did in 2009, reading both educational and just for fun books

1) Achieved
2) Although I wouldn’t think to say “achieved,” compared to 2009, it’s a win. Mentally, Physically and Emotionally this has been an interesting and trying year, but a triumph nonetheless.
3) Win!
4) Oh Yay, I read:

Untamed (House of Night Series)
Tempted (House of Night Series)
Burned (House of Night Series)
Wicked: Witch
Wicked: Curse
How To Be Single
Wicca’s Charm
Wicked: Legacy
Wicked: Spellbound
Five Love Languages: Single’s Edition
Wicked: Resurrection
Eat Pray Love
Quicksand (for school, eh)
Passing (for school, eh)
The Aguero Sisters (for school, eh)
Rising Sign

I don’t count the Plays I’ve read, let’s only do a book count.

There are also books that I started…but did not finish, they will go on the 2011 list if I finish them, then.

2011 Goals:

1) Take heed in this advise “Be patient, and wait”
2) Continue to take care Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally. A new therapist is in store, perhaps.
3) Read more than in 2010 (oooOOOooo), this whole reading-on-purpose thing is hard…but I’m game!
4) Find a job better than the one I have currently.  No “real” complaints, but I could use the cash…
5) Write more

And…we’re off.

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