Mad Libs

So, there I was hanging out with some family at my Dadda’s house while visiting in CA.  My youngest brother Rik was with me, Dadda n Terry, Michael (my step-brother) & Rayna and their children Jason and Zachary.  We eat my favorite chicken which my Dadda specially prepared for my arrival on Wednesday January 19th and also which I had two fairly large servings of (white rice and corn in tow, like you do).  We are talking and visiting and we begin to play Hang Man.  It is fun, we even continued playing after the young boys disappeared off into their room.  Shortly after the decision to not play Hang Man anymore, Rayna busted out the Mad Libs.  We do a few rounds and my Dadda is having a bit of difficulty understanding what we’re going for when we look at hi and say “noun” or “adverb” so each time we ask him, we also have to explain what we mean: “noun: person, place, or thing” or “verb: an action, something you do” We go a few rounds and end with Rik holding the notebook calling out to people what he needs in order to fill in the blanks and then read us our story.  The very last thing he needs, he looks to my dad and says “Dad, Celebrity Male” and without missing a beat my father says “oh, That’d be Christ”

and we all rolled on the floor laughing.

Mad Libs: The Breakup Soliloquy

This isn’t working out.  I’ve enjoyed stripping with you and getting to jump you, but we come from two happy worlds and want different budweisers out of life.  For instance, I want a family and you want a cell phone. I want a sticky career and you want to pull your toilets.  I like to golf with my friends and you enjoy luminescent  evenings at home with your collection of gay sisters.  You hog the bucket, you hate slapping and you barely tolerate Rasmussen  You don’t kick my family and you even think I look tired in my favorite frame and that my haircut is smooth.   This just won’t do.  I deserve better.  I deserve Jesus Christ.  In this case, it’s not me, it’s you.

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