St. Patrick’s Day 2011

Last year I was living with The Guttersons (read: Moffett’s, hehehe) and Mr. Gutter had BBQ’d and their friends came over. We, of course, drank Jameson and coke and after I’d sobered up, and they had retired for the evening, I went up to SLO to McCarthy’s and got hammered then stayed in slo.

After a back-to-back at work (closing Wednesday, opening Thursday) and knowing I had to open Friday morning as well, I hadn’t planned on going out for St. Patrick’s day. Ro and I did, however, end up planning on meeting up for a couple hours to celebrate a bit, with full intention to be home by a decent hour for sleepy-time, and awake and out the door by 6/6:30am for work.

I got home from school and Antoan and I were out the door by 6:30pm. Another friend was meeting us there as well, so it was of course going to be super fun!!

We went to the Four-Faced Liar, that’s sort of the home-base bar. An excellent pub in west village, and they know us there (well it’s Ro’s bar, and they know me now by default, heh). So we had a few drinks, I took a sip of someone’s Guiness (still gross by the way, I don’t do beer!! Get off me). Then we moved on to the “Asian Fusion Bar” (I don’t know what it’s really called but I think that sums it up…) and drank some more and sang some songs. Gotta love karaoke night! Ro sang Total Eclipse of the Heart, my friend Mark sang Somewhere only we know (and was awesome), I sang Alone by Heart, Ro and I did our duets: I Know Him So Well (Chess the Musical) and In His Eyes (Jekyll and Hyde Musical). And we of course sang out with any song we knew, good times. After the karaoke fun we headed uptown to The Abbey in the Upper West Side and had one more drink before calling it a night. Antoan headed straight home, Mark and I visited McDonalds where I inhaled a 6-piece nugget thing, a double cheeseburger (with ketsup only) and small fries. Then it was homeward bound.

My head hit the pillow by 3am, my alarm went off at 5:45am. No drunkenness, no hangover, just exhaustion. Finally got home from work by 4:30, took a shower (and still have green glitter in my hair…) and took a nap. And here I am, doing QR homework, listening to the same song on repeat, and trying to not panic about my hellacious schedule next week battling work and school…

Monday: School 8:30-2:30, Work 3:30-10p
Tuesday: Work 7a-12p, School 1-4, Work 5-10p
Wednesday: School 8:30-2:30, Work 3:30-10p
Thursday: Work 7am-12p, School 1-4, Work 5-10p
Friday: gotta be at the airport by 10a for my flight to Florida to see The Moffets n Honeybear n meet Ferb!!

I look at that schedule and wonder when I’ll do my homework and realize it will be in the middle of the night. Then I think “when will I sleep” and I go…this summer?


Disclaimer: No pics of Antoan are posted at his request. =)

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  1. In the UK we call a back to back shift a “clopen” (get it? heh.) but as far as I know they’re actually illegal. Not so much over there?

    • As long as there are 8 hours between shifts, I believe they can do whatever they want. So I closed at 10p, and was back at 7a. Those were fine when I lived a minute and a half from work. Now I have to leave 45 minutes to get there, and the same for getting home and coming down from the day. (lowers head in defeat)

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