Second day of Vacay, FL

Hoping to rollover no earlier than double digits, I heard Sammy bear’s door open and I heard him climb into the recliner.

Then I heard him jump off of it.

I sit up and look over at him and he smiles “Hi Auntie Yani!” Good morning baby bear, and I stretch out my arms for a hug and he obliges me.  Moments later I’m standing and pouring cereal and making coffee, it’s 8:30am.  Well it was more sleep than I had gotten in the last two weeks.

Sammy bear and I sat at the table and ate our cinnamon toast crunch cereal and Greg, Mr. Gutter’s dad, poured the coffee.  Soon Honeybear was finished and clearing our bowls to the kitchen and reminding me of all the games and puzzles and movies he needed to show me.  I grabbed my coffee and followed him into his room and sat on his bed.  His room is 2-3 times the size of mine, and he has a walk in closet.  The kids bathroom is a jacuzzi, practically–I could get used to this.  No horns honking? No sirens, NO SNOW.  As soon as I got comfy on his bed he started to show me his movies.  Every. Single. One-of-them, one at a time.  He has every Disney movie, I think.  And some good oldies too like “Flight of the Navigator”  I’ve decided this week we will work on him saying “compliance” so when his mom and or dad ask him to do something he’ll respond with that.  I think it’s a clever idea.

After the movies he wants to show me the back yard.  It’s shaded by a jungle of trees hovering over the property, leaves cover the ground like a carpet, and the yard is …huge.  After my jaw drops I hear “It doesn’t stop at that chain link fence, it goes towards that wood fence” I laugh at Greg’s comment and I’m handed a green plastic gardening tool.  I’m in slippers and I tell Sammy bear he needs to put his sandals on, and I get my zorries. Still in our jammies we head out into this mammoth of a yard and pretend to shovel, rake and hoe the yard.  It’s perfect weather and it’s not double digits yet.  Which means it could potentially get warmer, nay it will for sure but that’s what fans and a/c is for.

We eventually come back inside and play a matching game (we called it “Memory” when I was little) with Veggietale cards.  I don’t understand the rules he is playing by, but it’s very exciting to watch him when he finds a match.  The victory and joy in his voice when he says “iiiiiiii WIN” is adorable.  We play three games of this and it’s time for a snack.  He has a yogurt and string cheese and I have some leftover potatoes I found in the fridge.  Now it’s time to watch Scooby-Doo and the zombies.  The deal is, after Scooby-doo we will take a nap.

Movie was over by 1pm, nap time wasn’t until 3pm.  He wasn’t tired, I was. heh.  I’m still trying to catch up from the last couple of weeks.  So we color and he plays with his monster trucks and brings me a plastic hotdog from his play BBQ set.  When he starts to get grumpy is the signal that he’s ready for a nap.  He wants to go to the park, but that’s for tomorrow.  We get his shoes off and I tell him mommy and daddy and his little brother will be home tonight and he gets excited and curls up in his bed.

After everyone takes a nap, Sammy bear and I video chat with sister and he proceeds to show her almost every toy he has, one at a time.  He also sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her, so she knows what song he sang to his brother.

Joshifer plus baby arrive at 8pm and Sammy immediately has to learn lessons like, your little brother does not need ALL of your toys right now, but thank you for sharing.  That and he will have to learn volume control, hahaha–one thing at a time.

We had Taco Bell for dinner and celebrated with a few cocktails, watched Saturday Night life and my friend Shawn Jax called to check in on me and my life.  Later I had an IM chat with Amanda and all of a sudden it was 2:30am.

Then Sammybear was awake by 8:30am

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