Third day of Vacay, FL

I awoke to the sound of the freezer shutting.  They have this fridge where there are double doors up-top for the fridge portion, and the freezer is on the bottom.  The freezer opens like a drawer.  I heard the freezer close then I heard another drawer open.  The last time I heard that series of events I looked to see Sammybear trying to open a popsicle.  This would prove to be the same moment.  I sat up and whispered “Honeybear, what are you doin’?!”  To which he cleverly replied with “It’s okay Aunty Yani, I’m just eating my popsicle–mom always lets me have one.”  I chuckled and stood up and walked over and put the popsicle away with my immediate response “yah, right kiddo.”  The lil newborn J.G had been crying until about 4am, and I had hoped that Sammy wouldn’t wake him or his parents, so I suggested we go in his room and watch something.  We watched Dr. Seuss’s Grinch, and Horton hears a who.  By now it was 9:45 and breakfast sounded good, so did coffee.  We had Corn Chex and then went back in his room to play dinosaurs.

Boyfriend Jenn came in and we all went out to say good morning to the little guy.

Laziness feels wonderful.  I successfully dressed myself from the top up (out of my tank top into “real clothes), but couldn’t convince myself to change out of my “soft pants” so I’m still sporting them.  Mr. Gutter took Sammybear to the store and I sat in with Boyfriend Jenn and little J.G. and watched Law and Order.  When they came back they had fried chicken and potato wedges, and potato salad.  Talk about hearty!  After stuffing my face it became quiet time for everyone, I had hoped to nap but could hear Honeybear awake and playing constantly.  So I wrote instead.

After writing the house stirred again, people woke from naps and my phone rang and my face lit up to see my friend Kitten calling.  We had coffee over the phone, we always have coffee when we’re together, and we talked for over an hour.  A real good friend, that one.

I walked into the house and dinner was ready.  It was brought over, actually, by one of Jenn’s friends as a way to help out while she is recovering from just having a baby.  It’s an awfully nice gesture, and it’s pleasant to see kind people doing kind things.  Jenn’s friend, Dottie, brought over lasagna and salad.  It was pretty good.

Then my Maamm called and wanted to skype with Joshifer and see the babester so I read a few pages of the play I need to read this week while they visited.

The most productive I was today was looking at fold up bikes.  I looked up types, and reviews and rated them, and looked on craiglist and at actual bike shops.  A new friend and I are going to ride bikes and run and things.  I’m actually excited.  ME To ride bikes, and or run on purpose.  I’m definitely becoming someone else, these are all good changes though.  He already has a fun fold up bike, so as soon as I get mine, we’ll play.  And the weather is finally becoming tolerable, as in not-snowing or windy.  Spring will be here, in NY, only briefly then the humidity of summer will us.  I think it will still be fun to be outside in the miserable weather riding a bike.

Most of today I did nothing, and it was excellent.  Bedtime earlier tonight than last night (3am) because we’re up and at ’em by 7:30am tomorrow.

We watched Celebrity Apprentice. I’ve never watched an episode, I am right to not watch anymore…however, it IS hilarious to watch people and listen to their “logic” and defense mechanisms. It’s up there with friday episodes of a soap opera.

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