Birthday Tally & Awards

I did this last year, only the “note” was longer.

See, I love cards, physical cards from Hallmark, or Papyrus, or freaking Walmart and Target.  It is an odd love affair, perhaps, but I love them.  I can stand in a Hallmark for HOURS and read almost every card and buy a whole bunch so I have some in the wings for any occasion.  Plus I’ll see some that would be PERFECT in something like 8 months, so I’ll get it and keep it!!  I have a treasure chest in storage in CA.  It’s fully of cards I’ve kept from birthdays and holidays that I just…wanted to hold on to and read again and again later.  They are full of memories and hand written messages.  I know technology is advancing and making it easier for us to be separatists with the idea of friends, but the truth is the “friends” I have in my life I either live with, or text on a regular basis.  Facebook has really allowed me to find pieces of my family that are far away, some I’ve never met face to face and that is amazing to me, and I appreciate it–but it’s sad when I used to get a call from my Dadda ever year and he’d sing to me on my voicemail, and for the second year in a row he’s only sent me a text.  I get a little sentimental sometimes, and maybe a little attached to tradition but it was something he’d done for years and years, and last year he just didn’t call–he sent me a text.  Oddly enough, I still have the voicemail he called with two years ago.  I used to keep them every year, and delete the prior one.  So I guess I’ll just hang on to this one until Verizon says I can’t.

I love hearing the voices of people I care about.  Don’t get me wrong–I too use facebook and I text people and send ecards, I’m just saying I miss the days of hand written cards that you know someone looked for and wrote your name on it and slapped a stamp on it a week in advance to make sure it got to you in time!  Now we sort of have reminders and alarms that say “hey! Your friend is getting old, say something on their wall about it”  Shrug.

I did something different this year and I answered my phone a couple times.  I normally don’t answer my phone at all on my birthday because I love listening to the voicemails over and over.  People are so cute sometimes with their voice mail messages.

At any rate, in order to keep with the technology and warm wishes of my Birthday I kept a tally for the day (and some change for belatedness) so I could reflect on it again later and go “wow…that’s a lot of good times!” or something like that:

70: The number of Facebook messages (via fb email, or wall posts)

13: Texts sent to my phone

4: Voicemails left on my cel phone

4: Instant Messenger messages sent to me while I was online

3: Physical cards (2 cards, 1 postcard)

2: Calls I answered…which was weird (They were Mentor and my Wife)

7: Friends that attended Medieval Times with me, and Karaoke at what we like to call “Ching-Chong Ping-Pong Sing-Song” in West Village.  Hugging you, Kissing you, cuddling up next to you, dancing with you, drinking with you was my birthday wish and you all made it come true.  My deepest gratitude for giving me your saturday evening..for 10 hours…damn.

Then there’s this award thing I like to do.  Or when I say “so-and-so wins” as a comment.  It’s all in good fun.  Beneath are this years awards.

Jared Ross: Award for being the First person to say Happy Birthday when it became my actual birthday

Kaza: Award for sending the first birthday text

Double-T: Award for sending a picture of himself right as he woke up to let me know saying “Happy Birthday” was a priority. haha

Terry Sue (fine, and Michael. hahahah): Award for funnest Birthday Care Package, including but not limited to a Princess Crown Ring!

Chimere: The award for presenting the first physical Birthday Card

The Professor: The award for most creative birthday card and gift all-in-one.

Miranda: Award for covering the most bases: Physical card, Voicemail AND Text

Joshifer & Sammybear: Award for Best rendition of the song “Happy Birthday”–god that kid is cute. crap. (and yes I saved the voicemail…)

Ro: You get an award for making me a super-yummy birthday breakfast right after I said “I want pancakes”

My Siblings get the award for gathering in one place to video chat with me.

I love you guys.  All of you that left me a message on my fb wall, texted me, called me–all of it.  I love you.  Thank you for thinking of me and making me smile.

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