First day of Vacay, CA (or Mechanically Separated Chicken)

He got there around 11:30pm from work and we talked and listened to music and talked about our days.  Soon it was 1:30am and we laid down to sleep and took a nap.  After curling up next to him for a couple hours the alarm went off at 4am.  I stood up, stumbled to turn my alarm off and put drops in my eyes.  I took my pills and vitamins and brushed my teeth and we were out the door in less than 10 minutes.  He drove me to the airport because he wanted to be the last person I saw when I left NY.  I liked that.  Some people can say that’s cheasy, I think it’s adorable.  Being with him is like being in a movie.  And that’s fun.

I checked into United flight 891 to LAX and went to buy something to eat at the nearest Starbucks.  I bought banana bread, for $3.10…yah…and got some water to take my dramamine.  I swear by that stuff.  Changed my life.  I got motion sickness so bad when I was little.  Went on a plane in my 20’s without, almost hurled several times.  Now, I’ve gotten better in a car with motion sickness.  I can even read on a bus or a train, but planes still get me a bit.  Best part about dramamine in addition to the motion sickness help, that stuff knocks me out cold.  Plane rides are over sooner because I fall asleep as soon as I sit in my seat.  United provided a blanket and pillow and the last thing I remember hearing was instructions on how to buckle my seat belt.

A few hours later I landed in Los Angeles and stepped off the plane, found the monitor and saw what gate I needed to get to for my flight from LAX to SLOville.  To my luck, the gate was close by.  My latest fiascos in airports was always about having 20 minutes to run 2 miles in the airport to the opposite side.  Duffle bag and laptop en tow.  So, much to my happiness the next gate was only a few down the hall.  I grabbed a six-piece chicken mcnugget for about $4 and bought a bottle water and STAR magazine to read for the next hour.  It went by rather fast, that hour of w

aiting, and soon I was in my solo window seat on a dinky plane headed to SLOville. 

I rolled up my John Mayer sweatshirt and put it against the window, and fell back asleep.  That time I fell asleep when the flight attendant explained how to apply my mask in the event cabin should lose pressure…

I landed at 11:30am and was off the plane shortly there after.  My Maamm was there moments after I was there and we hugged and I got my suitcase and we headed towards the car.  I walked out of the small county airport and said “Oh, beautiful, gorgeous” and my mother finished the movie quote with “wish you were here.”  The drive was scenic, quiet and green.  First stop was Jack in the Crack for an ultimate cheeseburger with curly fries.  Man I miss those burgers.  Bun, meat, cheese, meat, cheese, bun.  Dropped my Maamm off back at work and went to her house where my sister was waiting.  She said she would meet up with me for lunch.  I was so excited to see her!  So excited to see the bump!  I arrived and was greeted by Rik and I started jumping up and down yelling “1 sibling 1 sibling!!!” Then Smurf walked out and I kept jumping “2 siblings 2 siblings” then my sister appeared and I jumped with my arms flailing about “3 SIBLINGS 3 SIBLINGS.”  Then we group hugged.  I feel so complete when they are with me. They are so important to me.  We ate our food and sister had to go back to work.  

Not before I spoke to the baby “Say ‘Hi Auntie Nani!'”  and rubbing lotion on her belly. hahahaha.

The Smurf was hungry and asked Rik to make some food, Rik complied and busted out his cooking skills making his first concoction of burrito type stuff wrapped in something like 4 tortillas.  Smelled amazing, filled up a huge plate–and the Smurf finished that bad boy.  I totally helped, I had a few bites, get off me.  Yes I just had a huge burger, but food smells good and I eat good smelling food.  The End–no there’s more.  Smurf then said “Hey, since we’re here just hangin’ out we should just put on FRIENDS” and I nodded and Rik came around the corner from the kitchen, eyes wide open and said “I’m in.”  We all laughed.  Good times.  So the brothers and I watched Friends and hung around in our soft pants (some of you call those jammie pants, I now call them Soft Pants because of my housemates nephew.  Good times).  Around 4:30pm I put jeans on and headed out to run a couple errands and pick up my Maamm from work.  Then I got home, took a quick shower and the brothers and I headed to my Dadda’s house for dinner.

Earlier in the day my Dadda asked me if I had any plans tonight.  I texted back:  “Yes, I’m co

ming to your house tonight” then he said ok and he’d make my favorite chicken. WIN.  My favorite chicken, with white rice and corn–dinner of champions.  So. Stinking.  Good.  I had two huge bowls of it then later had some cookies n cream ice cream.  No wonder I gained 10 pounds back this semester.  Lost 30 first semester, gained 10 back because I introduced food back to my body.  heh. We watched 2 episodes of Deadliest Warrior.  Some show with scientists and doctors calculating the methods and techniques of warriors past, and how they would do in combat.  So we watched Vikings vs. Samurai.  Then Ninja vs. Spartan.  That stuff is sick.  Sick, amazing, entertaining, educational and kinda gross.  Makes me want to do karate again, but also learn to sword fight and all kinds of stuff.  I want to be a badass when I grow up.

I also got to see Courtney and little Abby.  I love my family.  Court is Lucas’s wife (Lucas is my step brother) Abby is their daughter, and Abby is so pretty to me it’s gross.  I sometimes sing it to her too “Abby Abby, you’re so pretty Abby. Abby Abby, so pretty that it’s gross.”  Her bright blue eyes and button nose.  Her parents are in for it, for sure.

Later, I stepped out to call him and say goodnight.  I had been sending him pictures throughout the night of stuff I was doing.  It was nice to hear his voice.  I know I saw him earlier that day, but 3,000 miles is different when you’re on the phone.  I don’t know how to explain it, but it was nice to hear is voice nonetheless.

I went back in the house and sister arrived and we all hung out for a bit.  My Dadda gave me a book called “The Divine Comedy” by Dante.  It’s a beautifully bound book with gold colors around the pages.  It has a very old, but classic look to it.  The pages feel old and delicate and thin, and I can’t wait to see what the words say.  Eventually Double-T showed up, sisters husband and we all chatted more.  I got asked a few questions a

bout him and so far I’ve shown his face to Terry (stepmom), my Maamm, Sister, and Courtney.  The reveal of The Mystery Man is coming I keep telling them.  It’s fun.  I’m glad he likes to play along.  I look forward to the reveal.  heh.

Soon it was time to head home.  It was 11pm.  We took a sibling picture, as always, and a picture with my Dadda and hugs all around and were out the door.  Driving is simple.  That’s just here though.  On the Central Coast.  Everything just seems so much more simple, here.    Upon arriving to my Maamm’s house I changed into comfy pants, out of my purple dress, and I was poured a glass of white wine.

Then out of no where the Smurf started speaking about ingredients in Spam, chicken nuggets and other fast food things.  I don’t remember what was on TV, what we were talking about prior, but I remember laughing because he said one of the ingredients in Spam was Mechanically Separated Chickens.  I remember laughing so hard  I coughed.  Then he stood up and came over to me and said “what does that look like” and I replied “frozen yogurt”

and he said “That’s mechanically separated chicken.  Then he explained/read the process in which this…stuff was made.  It is crushed, eyes, legs, beak, body and blended-like into this…paste.  The pinkish color is dyed, and flavor is added.

Snopes says this of Mechanically Separated Chicken

And…and that’s all I have to say.

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  1. Anna Daughters

    I luv reading your writing Aiyani…I do so whenever I get the chance…so happy to hear about your 1st day home & hope to see u soon!!

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