I just want to say

He says the right things…every…single..time…

No matter if I am sad about life.  Or if I misunderstood something he said.  He does not raise his voice or roll his eyes to me.  He puts his hand gently on my chest where my heart is and reassures me.  He rests his head against mine and holds me.  I am the safest I have ever been in a relationship.  I am also the most myself I have ever been with someone.  If I bring a fear or doubt to him, he listens.  He doesn’t tell me I should know better, he will just reassure me again.  He doesn’t tell me what I’m feeling or thinking isn’t okay, in fact he says he understands.  And that we’ll get through it together.  I want him near me, always. And so–soon he will be.  Soon my home life will change because he will be a constant in the room at the end of the hall.  It will be *our* room.  And when we’re ready to move on, or move out, or move forward–we’ll do it together.  I’ve never felt more sure of anyone in my life like this.  I sleep better with him near me, and I never used to be a cuddle-r. We laugh…alot…about all kinds of things.  There’s more…there will be much more.

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