Some Rules and FYI’s regarding New York

Rule:  Get out of the way.  Most of the people walking around non-touristy places are en route to work, home, an appointment or something of equal importance.  If you see someone moseying and NOT taking pictures, they are probably done with their day, and if they live here, they are walking towards the right side of the side walk–it’s just like a freeway.  Slow lane on the right.

Rule: If you cannot multi task while walking–Get out of the way.  If you cannot find the song on your iPod you’re looking for, or text efficiently enough to keep the pace, PULL OVER

FYI:  You are going to have to carry that.  What ever you think is important for the day, if you are going to work, the gym, shopping for groceries, clothes, toiletries, anything–be mindful of your cart.  It is small in design as a constant reminder that you are going to have to carry that.  Whether it’s just to the cab, or the bus, or the train–or all of them, whether it’s across the street, or up the flights of stairs, or in the elevator–you have to carry it.  “Take only what you need to survive” (ish, but I wanted to use the quote from Spaceballs).

FYI:  No matter how ghetto, or poor a black woman is (and don’t get all high and mighty about racialisms or politically correct words we all know, we all know better, we all whatever.  Black people, white people, half-breeds, asians, bla bla bla) she has money for the newest high tech phone, a fresh set of acrylics, and a name brand bag that ranged from $175-$400 upon purchase (regardless if it was considered on sale).  She also gets her hair done every couple of weeks.  I don’t personally know anything about how to care for that texture/kind of hair–but from what I understand they hate having to deal with it, but are religious about doing so.

FYI:  Many Black and Dominican men speak their mind regarding a woman that walks by that they think are attractive.  They will make gross sound effects, call the woman names like “baby” “sweetheart” “mama” “honey” “mami” and the like.  They offer to help women with their bags because they wouldn’t mind escorting them to their apartment, with the possible hopes of being asked to stay, have dinner and some wine, and boink.  I’ve never seen it work, but the effort is constant from what I see and experience.

FYI:  Visit the same place for food enough times and you won’t have to remind them what you called in.  Upon seeing your face they know what you ordered if you called it in, or not, and are never surprised you have changed your order.  This is without giving your name, phone number or anything.  Just calling and saying what you want and you’ll pick it up, they recognize you.

FYI:  People have no problem singing along with what they hear on their iPod or selected music holder item.  However, this is only subject to certain genres of music.  I’ve never heard anyone singing a country song, or light pop like John Mayer, or The Script.  I hear those stereo-typical songs that most people would classify under “gangsta” music.  I hear spanish music sometimes, too–but for the most part, it’s the former.

FYI:  Many workers at any coffee shop, restaurant, office place, book store, anywhere–even those in management and higher corporate titled names–say things like “axe” instead of “ask,”  “necks” instead of “next” “i be ____” instead of “i’ll be” or “I was” or “i am.”  “mines” instead of “mine.”  And there is little that can be done to get that to change.  (Although i have personally had some success by saying something like “I will not answer your question, until you ask it grammatically correct”  or “Speak to me as though you earned that college degree”  Granted, those may sound egotistical, condescending and the like, but::

FYI:  If you don’t assert yourself, and your position in any relationship, customer service, or company you will not be remembered, recognized or respected.  I will play along sometimes with co-workers, and sometimes if they have an actual important specific question to ask me they will be well-spoken about it, and they know it.  And asserting yourself does not mean putting your foot down, or saying “I’m in charge do what I say”  it’s about relating on a higher, mature, and educated tone–especially in the work place when dealing with either co-workers or customers.

FYI:  Everyonespeaksfastandyouhavetoremindyourselftoslowdownifyou’respeakingtosomeonewhohasn’theardtheinformationbefore.

Rule:  Do not trust the train or bus schedules that are posted.  They are more like a goals and are probably based on a dare.

FYI:  Every time I have seen a pregnant woman or old man or old woman step on to the  train, I am surprised by who offers their seat to them to sit.  I am always pleasantly surprised.

FYI:  People set up shop on the train platforms and corners of streets and do their “talent” with a hat, box, case, or bag or something for people to put money in.  Depending on what they do, I will stay and watch, maybe video tape, and if I have cash on me, I’ll drop them some.

FYI:  Those halal trucks or street-meat trucks have pretty good chicken over rice combos with BBQ and White sauce.  And it’s cheap.

FYI:  You can get food at any hour, delivered to you if you’d like.

More to come  =)

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts from you! So funny — made me actually laugh out loud! You have an amazing sense of detail and humour… something I think just…..ROCKS. And, Miranda will love the grammar part — she used to correct me all the time! 🙂 I miss you and wish you were here right now to hug realllllllllly tight!

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