Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It hasn’t been a terrible year, in general.  There are moments I wish didn’t happen at all, and I’m definitely not one of those people who can easily say “it was a lesson” and whatever about learning from my experiences.  Because, as you know, I’m the princess.  And turn of the year embarking on that big title The Empress, is going to cause a lot of gossip and drama in some areas and bla bla bla.  It’s like getting the next degree in a line of education.  I think.  Anyway!  Stuff! yes, you are the King of Stuff and things during this time of year and what I have found as of late are the *things* I need in my life, are not *things* you can get me.  But since we’re going to focus on just stuff I want, or stuff-that-would-be-helpful to have or get, I’m going to bust out that old bullet point system in hopes that even if you think I’m a little old to participate in the Dear-Santa letters, at least I’ll have a list somewhere.  You know how I love lists.  

* Clothes.  That’s very vague I know, so maybe a gift card or twelve to places I could actually find clothes that not only fit but that I also like.  It’s just SO difficult to get both of those requirements.  And anytime I’m walking around I think of all kinds of comments and snide remarks about the “fashion” available to me with my size and my opinion of what I like.  

* Paint.  I want to finish the bathroom already, it’s been almost six months.  1 Quart of Home Depots Sapphireberry, semi-gloss, with primer in it.

* More paint.  Primer for the hallway, and “weathered sandstone,” eggshell finish,  from home depot.  And geez, that hallway is long so I have no idea how many gallons it would take.  3? Maybe one of the elves can measure it and do all that paint-math. 

* Stir Fry pan.  That one hanging in the kitchen has seen it’s final days I think.

* a wave on my student loans.  I know this one is popular with the adults, and I don’t want to be a statistic–but I am.  shrug. 

* Two new pillows for my room.  Those old ones are flat and uncomfy–royalty needs good sleep

* a Massage table.  for at home esthetician stuff like waxing and facials for my friends. 

* Wheely-Cart-thing.  um…let’s see, you know that bag I carry around right? The tote thing?  Well I’ve seen those little carts that you can put a bag on then use a strap or bungy cord or something to hold it in place so I can wheel it around.  That would come in handy, and I have no idea where to look for one

* An American Tail, and An American Tail: Feivel Goes West

I could go on with things that I just want because I see it and want it, but that seems a bit childish and I guess the whole dear-santa letter from me is already filed under that category, so I don’t want my card to also be dog-eared.  hahaha

Thanks, Santa

Love, Aiyani

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