Between Florida and May 25…

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything.  I went to Florida in March, came home.

I ended things with the J-Man because his dark-past that he so often said was left in the past or “up-top” had managed to trickle it’s way back into his life and I refused to be a part of it.  Drugs? Stealing? Selling? Crack-whores? Gangs? REALLY???!!! Yah, really.  So–definitely done with that. We call him The Convict, now.

I started working at a neato and fun salon in the LES called Kropps and Bobbers

I had a birthday, and celebrated it by sleeping in and staying home doing nothing–I’ve somehow reached that age where this is truly a way to celebrate…heh.

I started Massage Therapy Education May 6 and attend classes at the Riverside Church location, and it’s beautiful there.  There are several locations to take classes, and I chose Riverside because of it’s proximity to my home and the architecture is breath taking.

I’ve gone on a few dates, but I’m not interested in pursuing anything serious, nor do I have the time for it.

I received a 90+ minute massage from the new massage therapist at Kropps and Bobbers (Stephen) and it was amazing, and well deserved if you ask me.

I quit my job at The Green Apron.  Finally. (Really REALLY BIG CELEBRATION TIME).

Boyfriend Jenn registered me to run a 5K in August and a 10K in October with her–because she hates me…

And, the unfortunate part of this year is a very dear friend of mine, Rich Stone, passed away.  It was out of the blue and unexpected.  A tragedy to our Ohana in the five cities area.  My heart ached for days and I played the song that reminded me of him, on repeat.

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