Good movie that Man of Steel

I watched Man of Steel for the second time last night.  Man that Henry guy is hot.  This time around in watching it though I noticed the editing was more like a comic book.  Well, I don’t know if that’s absolute because I don’t read comic books.  I’ve glanced here and there in life but really, I don’t read them.  It was the sharp clip changes that make me say that.  And it’s cool.  I also like the suit they created.  I remember watching a behind-the-scenes, or some short on youtube that explained how they came to the decision of the suit and wardrobe in the movie.  Also pretty cool.  I like all the growling he does, like his super strength is actually being tested.  Maybe could be turned into a drinking game for kicks.  Have a sip of wine of shot of whiskey every time he growls.  Shrug.  Could be fun. What I don’t really get is the story.  Except, I like that. It’s not an origin story.  It’s not a love story.  It’s not even a discovery story I don’t think.  It’s just a dip into the life of this alien that landed on earth.  It’s watching the brief turning point in this alien’s life where he chooses the planet he grew up on, over the planet he was born on.  Could be a parallel to life as we know it or live it, and the choices we make.  Could be a mirror to how it’s not our DNA that decides who we are or what makes a family a family.  Could be many things…I suppose.


I do like that part where he knocks Zod through the cornfield and says “You think you can threaten my mother!?!!”

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