your walkabouts

Dear ____________,

You crossed my mind today.  It’s not unusual for you to cross my mind.  The frequency in which you cross it, however, is distracting and a little hurtful.

I remember you.  I promise.  I remember what it felt like in my stomach to sit next to you.  What it felt like the first time you looked into my eyes.  I promise, I remember.  You don’t need to continuously walk back and forth across my mind.  You don’t even smile at me when you do.  You just let your eyes stab me.  You walk by at different speeds, Sometimes you’re wearing what you wore the first time I saw you/met you.  sometimes you don’t have your shirt on.  And I remember you.  I remember how your skin felt under my hands and how you kissed me.  ok? I promise.  I remember.  You don’t need to stay present.  You’re not even available to me.  You get up and go about your daily life and randomly contact me.  Yet my stomach still flips, and my heart still skips when I see your name appear.  Randomly.  Every. Single.  Time.

So.  If you can get my attention just fine in “real life,” there’s no need to go on walk-abouts in my mind, okay?  Are you able to follow my logic here?

I remember you.  I remember what it felt like to be enveloped in your arms with your chest pressed against mine. Yes with your shirt on, yes with your shirt off.  I remember just fine.  I remember what it felt like for you to hold my hand and brush your hand across my face.

I remember what it was like to rest my head on your chest with my arm draped over you and what it felt like when I looked up to you and you stretched down to kiss me before I laid back on your chest.  I ran my fingers over and over and over your chest.

I promise I remember you.

Either be more present in “real life,” or get out of my life.  Occupying my mind is not an option.

Thank you,


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