Already May

So…it’s May, now.

In March:

Sloan moved out, rather quickly.  But hey, people need to do what they need to do sometimes to get back to themselves–right? I switched jobs.  Originally I was going to look for a place to do massage a couple days a week, and stay with the boutique spa I was at for three days a week.  Personalities sometimes class, and opportunities arise for different reasons.  SO, I moved on to a place where I do skin care, waxing, massage and body wellness.  The owner I work for is wonderful.  She has built her brand over the past forty years and is encouraging, kind and supportive.  That’s nice to have in a boss–am I right? When I told her I didn’t want to work 40hours because I needed time to breathe after two-years of being in class, clinic, and work full time 6-7 days a week she nodded and said she absolutely agreed.  She encouraged me to meditate and take time to read.  To sit and be quiet and recharge.  I loved that.  She has put a great deal of trust in me in a short amount of time and is a hands on trainer for her techniques.  For this industry, she is the best boss I have ever had.  I will learn a great deal from her and perhaps when I open my own Wellness Center I will feature her product line. =)

In April:

I started to look for a new housemate to replace Sloan. I had fallen behind in Clinic II for school.  For clinic, I have to complete a certain number of treatments.  I fell behind in Clinic I because I hurt my back.  So at the start of Clinic II I was already 15 treatments behind schedule.  Then there were snow days and sick days and I couldn’t catch up.  So in April I took on two externships to clock more Clinic hours.  This meant doing approximately 12-15 sessions in a week.  It. Was. Exhausting.  BUT–I did it.  I successfully completed all my Clinic Hours, wrote a Pathology Paper, and passed all the finals of all the difficult classes.  I totally cried after them.  Path2 and TMR were SO DIFFICULT. But I passed.

I also had my birthday in April.  Last year I had the big (several..)party (ies) all Wonder Woman Themed.  This year I didn’t feel like having a big celebration.  However, Mr. Gutter took his boys (my 7 and 4 year old nephews) and his new Lady Friend (with her niece) to Medieval Times, and he bought me a ticket and took me for my birthday!! He had the King pronounce me as a PRINCESS of the Realm (I have pictures and video footage as proof!), he bought me a fun drink with a souvenir goblet, and had the Chancellor announce my birthday during dinner as well. DSCN4001 SO MUCH FUN. –Also I created a really important hashtag (pound sign): #YesAiyM , careful I’ll be trending









So birthday, and finals, and then everything in life came to a crashing HALT.  Time started to feel longer, like I could accomplish more.

Work, is a little slow right now. And that’s okay.  I know my clientele will rebuild, I know that I will learn alot, and I know I will be successful there. For now I am appreciating the quiet downtime.  And I have three days off each week.  It’s almost unheard of.  And I’m really just…sitting here.  It’s so nice to not have anywhere particular to be.  It’s nice to not have to take 2-3 bags with me for the day with all my books and clothes for work and school.  It’s nice to have coffee in the morning in my recliner and watch TV, or read a magazine, or a book, or just sit back in the quiet.

All of what is happening now, is nice.  I may not be making any money, but I currently have my sanity, my health (physical, emotional, and mental) and I found a housemate for the summer.  I have food in my fridge and I have clean drinkable water.  I have friends in my life, both here in NY, and in CA. Family that loves me and supports me even though I’m so far away.  My back is doing alright, I see a chiropractor (Adam at Lamb Chiropractic) and I use my inversion table.

I may not be on the highest upswing, but I’m not on a downswing, and I’m still here at the playground.

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