It’s now July, friends

It’s already JULY?????

What happened to June?

Let’s see, oh yes I remember.  I had a fun first week of June.  Said bye to a friend I met here in NY that moved to CA.  He’s gonna pursue writing for Television.  How cool is that? Then spent two glorious weeks in my hometown of CA visiting my friends and family.  Driving to Salinas to see more friends.  Officiating a wedding ceremony for my friends.  Celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday with a Beatles themed wine-tasting party. Seeing friends at karaoke I haven’t seen in almost a decade.  Slumber party with a few close, good friends.  Wine tasting with my mom and brother and friend Robin.  Having dinner at my Dadda’s house and playing with my niece and nephew.  I ate mexican food! Got a new tattoo, which all of my other siblings ALSO got.  THAT was really super cool and I love them sooooo much!!!  The only thing I missed out on that I wanted to do was go to the Drive-In.  Too much fun wine tasting….oh well.  Next time.

Then I got home, had a few days to recuperate from vacation.  Played tour guide for the sister of a close friend visiting.  (Mr. Gutter’s sister).  Then I got strep throat. BOOOOOO.  Vacation plus tour guide plus getting sick pretty much meant I didn’t work for almost a month.  Sounds stellar, my bank account REEEEAAAALLLYYYY disagrees with that.  heh

So I’m back at work this week.  I might pick up thursdays, turning my 3-days off to a typical 2-day.  But hey…At least I can be someone that gets days off, amirite?

I’m slowly getting back to my usual schedule.  I want to get back to kickboxing.  I want to do some meditation and yoga.  I’m a better person if I meditate.  If I take quiet time to breathe and let my mind wander and clear, I’m a better person.  I’m a better person if I blog and get out random thoughts that stir across my mind.

This blog post is not necessarily helping to do that, my mind is currently racing with new information, new questions, and no answers.  But I imagine, and….I hope…that the answers will come to me.  That they will either magically appear, or that God will answer them (yes God, I believe in a higher power. I could say the gods, or the Universe but this round I said God.  Get over it) in a way that I actually like and agree with…heh.

I hope the answers are not only good but strong.  I hope they are not expensive. If they are expensive answers, I hope that the money presents itself without much sacrifice.  I don’t know that I have much left to sacrifice in order to get the answers,

And so I’m here.  A successful July 4th weekend with a few friends.  About 15-20 people were invited.  Maybe 8-10 RSVP’d, and 4 arrived. It was nice to see the people that came over.  It speaks highly of the people that say they will come see me, play, visit–and follow through.  And I appreciate that.  I miss that in good friendships.  The followthrough.  It’s difficult, in NY.  I have flaked before, others have flaked on me.  Because time and money or travel is difficult.  I would like to think for the most part, that I am someone who follows through with something.  That I am a person of my word.  That I am a friend that followsthrough.  Friendships take work.  And it’s the ones we work for that stick.  We have to work for our relationships with our friends and family in order to keep them close.  In order to be vulnerable.  In order for trust and respect to exist in those relationships.  They are the ones that help you decide what is important and what is enough.  They help you discover what the true need is.  They tell you what you are made of, what you have given, what you have left.  They remind you how far you’ve come and encourage you to stay true to the path you choose.  They support you and encourage you.  They are a text away.  A phone call away.  The real friends and family will pick up the phone, they make time to video chat and return your text messages.  Real friends stay current in your life, because in my opinion….Old friends know who you were, Good friends know who you are.  And they help remind you when you forget or when you falter or stumble.

To my good friends and my close family: thank you.  For more than I can bullet point or verbally articulate.

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