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FirstWorld: Rise of the Empress

1) You will not be taxed on your income.  Rather, what you spend your money ON, will be taxable.

1a) Healthcare will cost money, but not both your arms and one leg.  Doctors and their practices will be placed in tiers.  Based on which tier they are in, and which tier you decide to pay for will be a set amount.

2) Food that’s good for you needs to cost less, this plays into our healthcare and pockets.

3) If you’re living off the state via child support and food benefits you should not own an iPhone or any technology that could be sold to take care of yourself. Get your life together. If you have three or more kids that have different daddies (or mommies for that matter) you aren’t allowed to have anymore until you can prove you’ve gotten your shit together (and can provide for those kids).

4) Learn a trade, then use it to barter. Don’t let the smartass who said “hey, shiny rock, I’ll tell them it’s worth four cows and a potato field” confuse you into thinking rock, metal, and paper have more worth than how you can form a healthy trading relationship with someone where you both win. Some one calls that symbiotic.

5) Expect more out of the children ages 3-13. This is when they are most impressionable and this is the time where they can handle and learn WAY more than you give them credit for. Stop babying them and teach them how to speak, and how to use their words (and yes, those are two different things) Of course encourage them and love them that’s all automatic, but let those people we call teachers TEACH already.

5a) High school can be a choice, and so can college, but know that learning is a value as much as it is a privilege. The choices you make, are yours and know that you will be held accountable. You will be held responsible. You cannot place blame on others when the choice is yours. If you don’t know what that means–find someone who does know, and ask them to teach you so you can learn. Mistakes are only made once, after that it’s a choice.

6) All veterans deserve a roof over their head, food, and indoor plumbing. In SLOville, CA there is a building known as The Establishment where an old hotel was converted into living quarters with shared communal rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, and sitting areas. Make more of these, and move those veterans in.

7) Get those homeless people in some hot showers and free clothes from the thrift store and teach them something they don’t know so they can get a job and function. Give them another chance, we are a FirstWorld and should act like it.

8) Racial slurs exist, and if you don’t want someone not of your race to use it towards you–don’t You, use it towards you or others of your race. It’s getting old. The past is just that–

9) Learn. Your. Manners. Regardless if you think it’s a “class” thing, saying Please and thank you, excuse me, Miss, Sir, Ma’am go a long way. Stop feeling entitled and earn some respect for yourself by showing respect to others (this doesn’t mean people automatically deserve respect. Respect is EARNED, but be cordial for crying out loud remember…we’re a FirstWorld)

10) It will never be okay to hurt a child mentally, emotionally, or physically. This will be accepted without contestation.

11) Everyone is allowed to believe in and worship in whatever high power they want to, and will not be judged. Remember your manners, ladies and gentleman. What you *think you know*, is yours and unless you are asked to teach someone what you *know*, you are not in anyway entitled to express your opinion on anyone else’s choice in said higher power.

We cannot afford to be run solely on our emotions. People do bad things. People do good things. People have beliefs. People are honest, and liars. Learn to be reasonable and rational. This is where we will begin.


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