have a go….or so

OH GOD! Mentor aka Scott aka Douglas…. and Jer aka YummyVoice took me out to dinner tonight at BJ’s Brewery. Knowing what I’m not supposed to eat – I cheated HORRIBLY. (and I have to take the calories with me roger…doh!) I had the artichoke and spinach dip with chips…well WE shared it – but if you know me…I ate it all! And Clam Chowder and practically an entire loaf of bread. THEN Chez Ravioli and we finished with a Pazookie!. Some crazy cool dessert, think…..Mission Grill = Sizzling Cookie! I can barely sit at my computer. However, it was a treat because I’m starting the new diet or eating habbits up again after this weekend. …And back to tonight we are also going to see The Italian Job with my friend Charlize! Can’t wait. Allright, I believe that concludes my thoughts today. I also was playing around on my guitar last night…..or the night before and (roger rabbit you’ll appreciate this) but I decided to open the song with a little “every town has it’s ups and downs…sometimes up’s outnumber the downs, but not in nottingham” and then I ended it with “a thrilling chase and wonderous place…for you and me.” I don’t know…it was fun just playing around. Um…ok bye. and Roger Rabbit, I’m sorry our conversation was so short last night – promised I’d watch Sex and the City with Anotan. BUT, I’ll make it up to you later. (minds clean people!!!!)

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  1. this is fun
    this is really fun. what a perfect idea for someone as random as you. I mean that in the nicest way. it didn’t really look right after I wrote it but you know what I mean.
    Love My Sister

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