No, I don’t believe in Idolizing something, but these are my thoughts for now.

Well. This is the part where I wonder how to begin. I went home to SLOville this weekend. Didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t go up to play too much. I really needed to just be with my mom and see Kaza and PG. Yes….I snuck in a little time for some other kids but, I couldn’t play with everyone. I promise I’ll let everyone know when I’m up again to PLAY-play.
My good friend Sweet-V (no not sweetpea….that’s tristain/nathan) and I went to dinner friday night at Gina’s in Old Arroyo (or The Village)and went walked it off on the pier. He’s going to England 9/15/03 to study music. He’s been playing the Viola since he was 5 and I was lucky Sunday afternoon when he played just for ME at the park. (yeah yeah yeah Kaza….no plans at the time though- promise!)Then we just sat and hung out for a while. It was perfectly relaxing and calming and comfortable. Loved it.
Saturday I mostly hung out with my mommie again, watched Outbreak (member that movie?)and Notting Hill. Watched Two Towers too with the kids. Saw Roger Rabbit for a snippit of time saturday, watched Clerks and Mallrats. Never watched either one. Both pretty funny. He thinks I’m fun, I guess that’s good. (oh ps for some of you out there Joshua = Roger Rabbit = Gwydion82…yeah?)
The newest edition to the (no it’s not a real website YET)……is Brian affectionatley known as Plantboy.
John Mayer’s new CD “Heavier Things” came out today. If you are a good person (like Daaaaaaannna) you now own it! If your poor or lazy – I understand it’s a “work in progress”, if you don’t want to get it – go away! Also DIDO’s new CD came out. Good song called White Flag on there.
Still at the Embassy Su-ites Arcadia and will be till I believe sometime in November. And yes, still at Mixed Nuts Comedy Club – looking to get another bartending job though – FAST! After that I think I’ll do a little temp stuff, got me by once before.
The John Mayer look-a-like never called me back. Oh well, guess I’ll settle for the real one! Did I tell you about that? Well if you want to know the story let me know. I’ll go over it with you.
I miss the following:
Hobees coffee cake and the mixture between their tea and coffee, going to see Rikster’s games, picking on Smurf’s friends, dadda’s cooking, mommie movie nights (don’t tell her it’s me!!) sister coffee moments, Mahroomah and sitting on the couch watching our favorite movies and Conan of course, PG and dinner, Jax and the long talks, BrightEyes and Kevin and Vickie for Skarieokie, ….Skarieokie in general. The simplicity of knowing certain things were and always be for sure, 1 freeway, green hills, SLO little theatre (go see FunnyGirl starring Mahroomah or 805-786-2440) Dave’s Deli sandwiches, and the quiet. My mommie.
I don’t miss the following:
Dramatic boys, dramatic girls, stalkers, down right mean people (and Kaza you know who I’m talking about), the same stores, the same stories from the same people, the expectations, sad feelings of disappointment, being disappointed (then again, some things here can still be disappointing – oh well, that’s like kid) and I don’t miss the radio stations. The one’s out here are better. (Star 98.7 with Skip Kelly!)
My new favorite saying is “hu-uh, plush dolls don’t play with barbie dolls”

Thanks for reading, thanks for being apart of it, everyday you’re apart of something – get up and make a positive choice, and make something happen that’s worth it.

P.S. A nickname “key” will be released soon for those who get confused with who is who in the

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  1. Trading Spaces
    Lol! I got LA last weekend and you got SLOville. Glad you got a good visit home. We introduced SweetPea to a new club in west hollywood called Rage, you would love it, its got a great vibe and amazing music to dance to all night long! Missed have you as a tour guide in Glendale, but then again I always miss you, tour guide or not. skarioke or not. The new Johnny movie comes out Friday!!!
    I have no idea when I will be in LA again…. doubtful this year, but maybe. I only get Sundays off. Drop me a line next time you are headed towards SLO, we will find karaoke somewhere, no matter what night it is.
    Give SweetPea LOTS of hugs for me, its only been two days but I am already having sweetpea withdrawal symptoms. Miss you both lots, come home to visit SOON!! Kidnap SweetPea….Bring him home too.

  2. sludge
    hallo mahroommah~
    and the ‘yeahyeahyeahkaza’ comment?!….ahem…i know you too well. and i lllllahv it that way!

  3. Hey cuz! its ur look-a-like Cara. Seems like ur havin plenty of adventures…even though i don’t know half the things ur talkin about in your journal…its still fun to read up. Well u know how senior year in high school goes, havin lots of fun…but still doin work. Balancing out the two. Haven’t seen u since forever. It’d be nice to visit sometime. I always have fun kickin it with u and the other Mersai’s. Miss you. Luv u much.
    P.S. remember ur promise…if ur ever on Conan, front seat tickets!

  4. Nogin
    You so totaly rock Step Yani. NOGIN…..Sweeeeet.

  5. Kisses from CO
    I know you just have been so busy you simply forgot to include us in the “Things I miss” section :), Well know that you are in the Things I miss everyday. 🙂 We wont let you forget us when we go to visit SLO in Oct. You can count on that! Love ya baby

  6. does that mean i can’t stalk you?

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