Forget me not’s

Apparently I’m hurting some feelings out there. I assure you it’s not intentionally, it’s actually a lack of effort on my part, I suppose. I have the people in my life that are apart of me everyday, a few really great friends, some new friends, some old friends, some acquaintances, and some people that are in limbo. I miss certain people that I don’t mention, I miss certain people that no one else even knows about. I am supposed to be this entertainment, this comic relief, this always full of energy, this light is supposed to come on when I enter the room – and I’m more than willing to be that on many occasion,however, What I think we’re missing here is that I’m also a person with other feelings than excitement or eagerness or crazy fun-ness. I have my moments of up and down and even side to side. I can’t possibly pour my heart out to EVERYONE if something is wrong. I won’t. I can’t possibly let EVERYONE in on EVERYTHING, it’s too difficult, it’s too much, it would be very hard. Maybe I will only ever act a certain way to someone, doesn’t make me fake, doesn’t mean I have this “front,” means that’s how I’m gonna act – right then, right there. And I won’t always open up to you, I’m not a book – well maybe a part of me is, but the rest just isn’t always opened to the public, the rest needs a place to just…..”be”….sometimes. Maybe I’m a little more down sometimes, maybe I’m really hyper sometimes, maybe I don’t want to talk, maybe I don’t want to sing. Just maybe these are things that should be taken into consideration too.

And I apologize if any of my friends have ever felt neglected, or time deprived. My time is precious and I DO want to share it with you, but I can only do my best.

You ALL are so important to me, it’s your support that I breathe and your smiles that I walk with, every day.

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  1. Well doll, I know how you feel. I feel that my time is so wrapped up with Logan right now that I never get a chance to respond to emails or to just send love. I know that you are a great person and that your time is limited…have you ever thought that true friends are the ones that you can call once or twice a year and never miss a beat……fall right in line with the friendship like you never left, they are always there and you know it, but the friendship is so strong that it does not have to be cultivated every day…week…..month.
    You are a very special person and you just need to know that.

  2. So True
    I have to agree with D on this one. I never feel forgotten or negelcted by you. I think most of us enjoy whatever you have to tell us. We laugh when you are silly, smile with you when you are happy, bounce with you when you are excited and we listen when you need to just vent or feel sad. Of course we always miss you and wish we spent more time with you, but I feel like we just seem to touch base when we happen upon it, more often thanks to LJ and friendster, but everytime I actually get to see you in person we just seem to pick up where the last time spent left off. So no worries! Feel free to just be the princess 😉 We like you just the way you are, no alterations or upgrades needed. As always, give sweetpea a HUGE hug for me!

  3. i think that’s one of the things lj is good for.. mass updates and love 🙂

  4. *BE*
    you have my full support to just *be*, mahroommah.

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